Ordinary Moments

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday’s topic was all about life’s ordinary moments. A moment is a very short period of time: a particular point in time: a time of importance or success. Related image

We talked about types of moments including, happy, sad, embarrassing, awkward, routine, simple, special, real, emotional, life changing, dangerous,scary and lots more. Moment is used in a lot of idioms and expressions here is a link to some of them, and just click to find the meaning.

When talking about “at the moment” we use the present continuous verb tense. Here’s a fast review and practice we did on the present continuous.

We watched this short film , Moments, which is a series of ordinary moments in life. Take a look here:

After watching we talked about all the different moments in the film and which ones were significant or important to our own lives. We talked about the emotions of the moments, and the message of the film. What makes an ordinary moment extraordinary??

Image result for moments radiolab  Image result for moments radiolab

Image result for moments radiolab   Image result for moments radiolab

Words of the day

sass (verb) : {informal} to talk to (someone) in a rude way that does not show proper respect                                                                                                                         Her kids sassed her whenever she asked them to do some chores around the house.

irritate (verb) : to make (someone) impatient, angry, or annoyed : to make (part of your body) sore or painful                                                                                                       He can act so obnoxious when we are out with friends, it really irritates me!

stomachache (noun) : pain in or near your stomach                                                            Eating too much chocolate may give you a stomachache.

Remember to relax and practice!

Newbury Street will be closed to traffic this Sunday, August 13th, from 10am to 6pm. Take a stroll on Sunday, shop, eat, and people watch! Enjoy!

Have a magic moment!!

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An Unexpected Future

Hi Everyone,

Today is very cold and grey outside, but, we warmed things up a little inside, by reviewing ways to talk about predictions, future plans, and decisions for the future.

We talk about predictions by using “going to” and infinitive – these predictions are based on  things that we observe or know about now. For example, She looks so sad. She’s going to cry

We talk about future plans or arrangements  using present continuous. For example, I‘m flying to London next Tuesday. Use will + infinitive to talk about something that is possible in the future. For example, Maybe I will see you at the party next week. 

When talking about decisions for the future use going to + infinitive. For example, Are you going to come to the party tonight? Use will + infinitve when we make spontaneous (on the spot) decisions at the time of speaking. For example, It’s cold in here. I‘ll go and close the window.

Here is the practice we did in class Future Review and Practice  We took a few minutes to discuss with a partner, what are plans are for next week, and filled in a weekly planner . Looks like lots of us have the usual chores to do next week, like shopping, working, studying, and meeting up with friends.

We have all made plans and sometimes, things don’t happen like they are supposed to – planes get delayed, friends are late for dinner, or cancel at the last minute – so, how do we deal with these unexpected changes?? Well, you all had some creative ways to deal with the unexpected events in life.  We watched this video “Swimming Pool” which started as a simple love story and then something very unexpected happens!!! Watch it again here…all the way to the end. 

One of the themes of the video was accepting our differences, our different cultures, lifestyles, physical appearance, religious beliefs and lots more. One way to accept these differences is with  tolerance, empathy, understanding, compassion, and most importantly to love one another

Happy  Valentines Day

Words of the day

zip it (verb) {slang} : to stop talking immediately                                                                Pam was talking on and on about her break up with Ted, I finally had to tell her to zip it!

thumbs-up (noun) : a gesture in which you hold your hand out with your thumb pointed up in order to say yes, show approval,etc.                                                           The teacher gave the student a thumbs-up, when he answered the question correctly.

breather (noun) : a pause for rest : a break                                                                         He was studying all afternoon for tomorrow’s exam and decided he needed a breather, so, he went for a walk.

Bundle up and keep warm this weekend, it’s going to be really, really, really, really, really, really cold!

Remember to relax and practice!


Hi Everyone,

Our topic for conversation yesterday was describing landscapes, using present simple and present continuous verb tenses. So, we started with a review and practice of these present tenses – when do we use them, what do they mean, and some exceptions. Here is a basic review of use and meaning:

Usually, present continuous is used with action verbs, like run, write, learn, speak and not state verbs like want, like, love, hate, know. Some verbs can be action or state verbs, with a change in meaning – for example, I think you need to take some time off work. (think here is a state verb and means, I believe, in my opinion). In this example – What are you thinking about? (think here is an action verb meaning “use your brain”) Take a look here at the practice worksheets we did in class.

Now onto yesterday’s topic of taking pictures, but, specifically landscapes. We  discussed what landscapes are – a picture or photo that shows a natural scene on land or countryside. We all looked at several different landscapes and then using present simple and present continuous we describe the scenes and then put ourselves into the landscape and described what we are doing.

You all did a fantastic job using present tenses!!! You also used great adjectives and very imaginative stories of your life in the landscape!!!

We also looked at this very short film about two people taking pictures outdoors. Take another look here 

Have a great weekend and bundle up!

Remember to relax and practice!!


At The Moment

Hi Everyone,

This morning we started off with a brief question “What are you doing now?” We responded with answers like, “I am studying English.” “I am sitting in class.”  How about people outside on Boylston Street – “What are they doing?” – “They are drinking coffee.” “They are walking to work.” This led us to a review and practice of present simple and present continuous verb tenses. We discussed when to use the tenses and how they are formed. Take a look at the practice we did in class  Answers Present Continuous and Present Simple Practice

Today’s topic was Moments – we began our discussion with trying to define what is a moment? We agreed that a moment is a brief period of time, that can be special, can be ordinary, can be happy or sad, can be specific, can be real or emotional, can occur in the past, present, and future. We discussed the concept of a moment and how it relates to us in our own lives. We watched this film called Moments which is a series of moments in life 

After watching the film we talked about some personal moments in our lives,and what they mean to us. We talked about moments in our lives that make up our human experience, and our connections to one another. Next we watched this film by Cesar Kuriyama who presents his project on how to preserve moments in his life. Take a look at the film here 

After the film, we discussed Cesar’s project, and what we liked and disliked about it. Thanks for all your insightful thoughts and ideas on today’s  conversation.  

Words of the day

single file (noun) : a line of people, animals or things arranged one behind another                                                                                                                                                  The people in the grocery store stood in a single file waiting to check out and pay for their food.

lounge (verb) : to sit or lie in a relaxed way : to spend time resting or relaxing     Tom said he spent most of his vacation lounging by the pool and reading.   

cookout (noun) : a meal or party at which food is cooked and served outdoors     The Fourth of July is a great time to have a cookout  and celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

   Remember to enjoy each moment

and relax and practice!

Communication and Discovery

Hi Everyone,

Today still feels a little like a holiday, so we started off with a basic review of two verb tenses – present simple and present continuous.                             Present simple is used for things that generally happen all the time like – I study English or I read novels.                                                                                              Present continuous is used when things happen less often but in present  time – I am studying English in Boston or We are shopping for bargains on Black Friday. Take a quick look at today’s practice of present simple and present continuous Present Tenses Practice

Today’s topic was communication and discovery. By discovery we mean finding your own voice. We discussed the notion of finding your own voice – what is it; how do we find it; and why do we want to find it. We examined and talked about several quotes from people on this idea of finding your own voice, being independent in your thought and having the courage to believe in your voice. We tried to watch this video called Whistleless about a bird trying to find his voice , sorry it did not load up for us to watch but take a look at it here and I hope you enjoy it! 

Next we discussed finding your own voice in our lives and in our learning languages. It can be a struggle and frustrating to learn a language, but we all agreed that once you make up your mind to succeed, and you work hard, you will succeed!!

Words of the day:

ripple (noun) : a small wave on the surface of a liquid                                                    Each raindrop that fell into the puddle, made a small ripple.

blaze (verb) : to burn very brightly and intensely                                                                 The sun blazed down on us when we were at the beach last July.

graze (verb) : (of an animal) to eat grass or other plants that are growing in a field, or on a farm.  : (of a person) to eat small amounts or portions of food           The cows grazed in the field all afternoon.

Remember to relax and practice!

********Just a reminder no class next week December 5th. There will be class on December 12th. See you then********