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We started off today with a review of some casual phrases and expressions used in daily short conversations. By looking at some illustrated situations we focused on key expressions and their meanings . Here are the illustrations with answers we did in class.

Next we moved on to today’s topic : literacy – the ability to read and write.Image result for literacyWe talked about what age we started to learn to read; who taught us; and how were we taught. In small groups we looked at a few images and wrote our own stories or narratives titled “The Reader”Image result for bell's the reader film by greg gray .

Your stories were very descriptive and thoughtful and also very creative!!
Image result for bell's the reader film by greg grayImage result for bell's the reader film by greg graySome of the common themes were the man’s age, his passion and dedication to reading and learning.

Next we watched the film “The Reader” and compared our stories with the film. Take a look here:

After watching we discussed the struggles the man had to overcome to learn to read and the various techniques and strategies he used to be a successful reader, including reading the cereal box.We talked about the relationship between the man and his son. And the social issues related to an older person challenged by learning how to read.

One surprising thing at the end of the film, is that this is an advertisement for Bells Scotch.Related image

An extra special scotch for an extra special man!


We talked about the issue of illiteracy – not being able to read and write. Why does this happen, and what are the problems that an illiterate person may face in life. Although illiteracy rates have declined significantly in the last 25 years, it still exists in some parts of the world, due to poverty, civil and social issues, and limited or no access to education.

Photographer, Laura Boushnak started a project “I Write. I Read” which raises the awareness of women in Arab countries that suffer from high rates of illiteracy.Image result for laura boushnak i read i writeRelated image

Take another look at her talk about her project and what we can all learn through her photographs and travels –

We all agreed that this is a great way to expand knowledge and awareness about the issues with illiteracy around the world.

Enjoy a nice summer weekend in Boston!Related image

Remember to relax and practice!



Hi Everyone,

At Friday’s class we discussed ways to express apologies, excuses and promises. The most commonly used phrase is I’m sorry, and others, like, I’m really sorry, I’m so so so so sorry, Please forgive me, I’d like to apologize, Please excuse my behavior, and I messed up….We talked about blame, regret, forgiveness, promises and excuses. Here’s the quick practice we did in class Apologies and Excuses Exercise

Friday’s topic was The Reader – first we looked at a series of pictures from a video called The Reader and in small groups wrote a narrative based on the pictures. Each group presented their story to the class. Very nice job on the imaginative and creative stories!! Then we watched the video  

After watching the video we talked about all the strategies this man used to teach himself to read. Some of which we use to study English. Then we discussed his character traits and how he was able to successfully accomplish his goals. We agreed that he is a highly motivated, hard working, dedicated and brave man. He stuck to his goals and was not going to make up any excuses. He followed his plan and was proud of his ability to read.

Words of the day

foliage (noun) : the leaves of a plant or tree or of many plants or trees                    The foliage in New England is very colorful at this time of year.

shrub (noun : a plant that has stems of wood and is smaller than a tree                  Along the paths in the Public Garden there are lots of green shrubs.

pendant (noun) : a piece of jewelry that hangs on a chain or a cord which is worn around your neck                                                                                                                     She was wearing a very pretty silver necklace with a pendant that was in the shape of a flower.

Remember to relax and practice!!

Enjoy the Fall foliage