Apologies, Arguments and Forgiveness

Hi Everyone,

We are human, we all make mistakes. So, when we make mistakes we can either ignore them; stress out over them; apologize; make excuses; and make promises. We talked about whether it’s important to apologize. Does it matter the way you apologize? Is it hard to apologize? Or does it depend to whom you are talking? And lastly, how do you feel when someone does not apologize for something wrong they have done?

We did a quick review of expressions to apologize and make excuses, and then did a listening to 6 mini-dialogues of apologies and determined what they really meant. Take a look at the apology exercise with answers and click on the link to listen to those dialogues again.

Ok, now on to arguments – what do most couples argue about?Image result for couples arguing

We came up with a list of things including money, love, communication, household chores, children, jobs, family, habits and behaviors, and differences in tastes, politics, friends, activities like trips and vacations, and money…oh, we already said that!

So, what expressions do people use to express disagreement in an argument – are you kidding??, absolutely not, listen to me, calm down, shut up, I don’t believe you, how can you say that, get lost……

Next we watched this film about a couple, Jack and Lauren, who are at a restaurant having an argument, and there is a surprising turn of events at the end. Take a look here at the film “Table 7” 

After watching we talked about the argument between this couple, what was it about? What was with the guys in the basement? And what was the message of the film? Basically we all argue and when we are in a relationship it can sometimes be hard to forgive one another.

At the end of the film, Jack gets a fortune cookie with the message: A simple sorry between lovers can prevent life-long regrets and Lauren’s message in her fortune cookie is: To blame is Human, but to forgive is Divine. We discussed the interpretations of these two fortunes and whether we agreed or not.Related image

So, apologizing or saying sorry is asking for forgiveness and receiving forgiveness. Forgiveness(noun) means the act of forgiving, and to forgive (verb) means to stop feeling anger toward someone who has done something wrong : to stop blaming someone. 

Forgiveness can be difficult sometimes, but, here is the true extraordinary story about a woman, Mary Johnson, who forgave the man, Oshea Israel, who murdered her only son. Take a look at their story 

It’s hard to believe this is a true story and it was hard to understand how a mother could forgive her son’s murderer. But forgiveness is a two-way street and can often be very complicated. So, forgive and forget, which is easier to do? Do we need to do both to move on?

Words of the day

mishap (noun) : a small mistake or small amount of bad luck                                             Their wedding ceremony proceeded without mishap, despite the rainy weather.

rambunctious (adjective) : uncontrolled in a way that is playful or full of energy            The playground was full of rambunctious children, all having fun on the slide and swing set!    

zilch (noun) : {informal} nothing at all                                                                                    I know zilch about that new guy she’s dating.Where did she meet him anyway?

Remember to relax and practice!

Image result for forgive and forget

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Hi Everyone,

At Friday’s class we discussed ways to express apologies, excuses and promises. The most commonly used phrase is I’m sorry, and others, like, I’m really sorry, I’m so so so so sorry, Please forgive me, I’d like to apologize, Please excuse my behavior, and I messed up….We talked about blame, regret, forgiveness, promises and excuses. Here’s the quick practice we did in class Apologies and Excuses Exercise

Friday’s topic was The Reader – first we looked at a series of pictures from a video called The Reader and in small groups wrote a narrative based on the pictures. Each group presented their story to the class. Very nice job on the imaginative and creative stories!! Then we watched the video  

After watching the video we talked about all the strategies this man used to teach himself to read. Some of which we use to study English. Then we discussed his character traits and how he was able to successfully accomplish his goals. We agreed that he is a highly motivated, hard working, dedicated and brave man. He stuck to his goals and was not going to make up any excuses. He followed his plan and was proud of his ability to read.

Words of the day

foliage (noun) : the leaves of a plant or tree or of many plants or trees                    The foliage in New England is very colorful at this time of year.

shrub (noun : a plant that has stems of wood and is smaller than a tree                  Along the paths in the Public Garden there are lots of green shrubs.

pendant (noun) : a piece of jewelry that hangs on a chain or a cord which is worn around your neck                                                                                                                     She was wearing a very pretty silver necklace with a pendant that was in the shape of a flower.

Remember to relax and practice!!

Enjoy the Fall foliage

Arguments and Apologies

Hi Everyone,

Happy Fourth of July!  We started off this morning with a review of make or do . Are you creating something (use make or performing a job (use do?? Some examples are She is making a pie for the cookout. He is doing the dishes. Of course, we have lots of additional uses of make and do, so take a look at these slides Make and Do – Additional Meanings and Expressions  Ok, now let’s practice, here’s the handout out we did together Make or Do Review and Practice

Today’s topic – Arguments and Apologies.  We talked about what do couples usually argue about? and came up with looks of things, like money, communication, differences in tastes, differences in behaviors, children,  love, and family.   We looked at this list Expressions Used In Arguments and watched this video, without the sound at first to try to imagine what the couple is arguing about and what expressions they might be using – try watching without sound first and then with sound for a big surprise! 

Next we watched another video, Table 7 , which is also about a couple, Jack and Lauren, who are arguing in a restaurant. After watching the film we discussed what they were arguing about, what was the significance of the man in the basement, and the theme of forgive and forget. 

Generally, we may forget a little easier than forgive, but it’s complicated.

Words of the day

facade (noun) : the front of a building : a way of behaving or appearing that gives other people a false idea of your true feelings or situation                                 Even though Jack and Lauren seemed to be a happy couple, it was just a facade of their marriage.

bare-bones (adjective) : including only what is most basic or needed                      I didn’t want to spend too much money on hotels, so I found some rooms that were bare-bones and very cheap.   

ornate (adjective) : covered with decorations : covered with fancy patterns and shapes.                                                                                                                                          I love to visit the churches and cathedrals in Europe, so many have such ornate wall murals and ceilings.    

Remember to forgive and forget, and to relax and practice!!