Learner’s Resources


Learner’s dictionary great tool for finding word meanings and listening to the words



Practice conversation, and learn new vocabulary at ESL Lab


Many videos and talks about current topics and issues. Make use of the transcript and closed caption features on videos to help with vocabulary and comprehension at TED Talks and Videos


Take a look at this visual online dictionary. It can be a great help to show you charts, diagrams, and lots of images on lots of different things. All the items that are labelled in the pictures are defined, and you can even listen to the pronunciation! (caution!! this site has lots of advertisements, so beware!Visual Dictionary Online




YourDictionary is more than a dictionary. It’s a comprehensive reference site with synonyms, sentence examples, quotes, biographies, and an amazing collection of grammar related articles and education resources for students and teachers. Create your own word lists and lots more  YourDictionary


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Vocabulary Page is a quick and handy resources for vocabulary; phrasal verbs; easily confused words; synonyms; idioms; and vocabulary word lists. It’s a free, online resource, so, check it out here


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Newsy is a video news site which you can access hereKeep up to date on current news, watch the video and you can follow along with the transcript below. Great way to learn new vocabulary, and practice fluency!


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Having trouble with verbs and conjugating them?? Check out Verbix  and your troubles with verbs are solved!



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  1. Carol says:

    Meg, this is a great center of resource! It’s just like a refreshed class that we can reinforce the learning from the classroom. Moreover, the ESL Lab is resourceful! Thanks so much for pulling all these together and making our learning experience joyful and unforgettable!

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