Fear Of Flying

Hi Everyone,

We are all afraid of something, so we did a quick review and practice of adjective + preposition combinations. There is no real pattern to these combinations, so you just need to learn them when you see or hear them.

This table gives some of the adjective + preposition combinations: Image result for adjective preposition combinations

We did a practice together in class using the adjective + preposition combinations, to review again, click here.

Friday’s conversation was about our fears, and we began with a discussion about what is fear? What causes us to be afraid? We agreed that fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the unknown; being aware of danger; it may come from a bad experience; or something that happened in childhood. But what about an extreme fear of someone or something? These are usually called phobias.Image result for phobias

We talked about the suffix -phobia, which simply means “fear of”, and when combined with a Latin or Greek root, we get the phobia. For example, agoraphobia is fear of open spaces; claustrophobia is fear of closed spaces; and anthropophobia is fear of people. How about hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?????? Well, we have the -phobia suffix which means it must be fear of something, but what?? Give up? It is fear of long words! One way to become familiar with some common phobias is to try to figure out the Latin words. We did this fun review of phobia words on quizlet.com. Click here for the phobia word flashcards and meanings.

Now, is anyone afraid of flying? If so, why and how do you overcome it? If not, imagine a friend has fear of flying, what would you suggest to help them overcome or cope with the fear of flying?Image result for fear of flying

Next we imagined we were a bird, named Dougal, who is afraid of flying! What must Dougal’s life be like? How does he feel? What could he do to overcome this fear? We felt that Dougal’s life must be very isolated and lonely, and he might be made fun of by other birds. Dougal may feel ashamed at his fear and not be able to overcome it. Some of you suggested that Dougal try to overcome his fear by taking little steps to gradually overcome his fear of flying.

We watched this film about Dougal and saw how he lived his life with his fear of flying, and what he did to cope with the fear. Watch it here: 

After watching, we talked about the message of the film. Dougal was motivated by his love for Lucy and flew to see her. He had to face his fear and do something. In addition to suffering from aerophobia, it looked like at the end he may also suffer from aquaphobia! Oh my!

Lastly, we talked about our fears, and tried to imagine what it would feel like to have that fear. We also discussed suggestions on how to overcome or cope with the fear. Thanks, as always, for your thoughts, ideas and contributions to our conversations!

Next Friday August 17th we are going to the Boston Public Market for a tour of the market and to meet and  talk with farmers, bakers, butchers, brewers, florists and other vendors.Related image

Related image

We will meet at the Library and leave at 10:00 to take the T ( C or E Green line) from Copley to Haymarket. We will meet our tour guide at the Market’s Information desk. The tour should last about 1 hour. It should be fun and interesting, and maybe even delicious! See you all next week!

Remember to relax and practice!