Same But Different

Hi Everyone,

Today we started off with a quick review of expressions using the word “world“. Yep, that “world” that we all live on! Related image The  world is a huge place with lots of people, cities, countries, continents, mountains, fields, oceans, lakes, seas and more. So when we use the word “world” in an expression in conversation it implies the idea of huge, all, everything.  For example “You mean the world to me” means “You are everything to me”.
Here is the review we did together of 7 expressions using “world”.

Remember that knowing and being familiar with these type of expressions increases fluency and expands vocabulary.

Well, ok, today’s topic was Same But Different, a look at disabilities both physical and mental. Image result for 5 sensesAfter reviewing the five senses – hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch, we discussed what we would call a lack or loss of these senses. For example, lack or loss of sight is blindness / visual impairment, and lack or loss of hearing is deafness / hearing impaired.

We discussed what is a disability, and came up with this definition : a condition of having a physical or mental impairment. We talked about different types of physical and mental disabilities, and how disabilities are treated in different countries and different cultures.

Before watching this film about Theo, a 10 year old boy who is visually impaired, we made a list of how Theo might be the same as other children and how he might be different. Then we watched the film called “Same But Different  – Theo’s Story”, here’s the linkImage result for same but different theos story to the video After watching we saw how Theo was very much the same as other kids, and then we came up with a list of adjectives to describe him – brave, resourceful, independent, energetic, clever, and more. We all felt a lot of empathy for Theo and agreed that he has a happy and full life. So, he is the same but different.

We talked about physical and mental disabilities and how we treat them differently for various reasons. Next we watched this short video of an interview between Bonnie Brown and her daughter, Myra. Related imageBonnie is intellectually disabled, so we came up with a list of  how he life might be the same as others and how it might be different. Then we watched the interview, take another look here: 

After watching, we saw how similar Bonnie’s life is with other adults, and we came up with some adjectives to describe her, which were similar to Theo’s and also included loving, caring, and dedicated.

We discussed the similarities and differences between Theo and Bonnie, including how they are treated by friends, family and strangers. How do they view themselves and the lives they have?  In the end, we agreed that both Theo and Bonnie are the same but different ,in their own unique way. You all had some interesting opinions and thoughts on this topic, thanks for contributing.

Words of the day

hot-tempered (adjective) : becoming angry very easily : having of showing a hot temper                      He hates to talk about his divorce, and whenever I ask about it I get a hot-tempered reply.

warmhearted (adjective) : having or showing kindness, sympathy, and affection                                            His wife is such a warmhearted person. She always gives me a hug when I’m feeling blue.

breathe easy (idiom) : to feel relief from pressure, danger, etc.                                                                                        Once I finish this final exam, I’ll breathe easier and enjoy the weekend!

Remember to relax and practice!