Secrecy And Privacy

Hi Everyone,

Psst… I’ve got a secret I need to tell you. Don’t tell anyone else!

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How many of us tell secrets to someone ,and keep secrets someone tells us?? All of us! A secret is an adjective , meaning not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others. A secret is also a noun, meaning something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Some phrasal verbs used with secrets are – confide in which means to share one’s secrets with someone and trust they will not reveal them. Let in on which means to tell a secret to someone. And spread around which means to distribute news/secrets/gossip

A few common idioms used for keeping secrets are “keep it under your hat” , “just between you and me”, and “my lips are sealed”. Two common idioms for telling or revealing secrets are “let the cat out of the bag” and “spill the beans”.

First, we watched a short video called “Your Secret” which is a set of instructions to think about our secret. Take another look here:

We talked about what the message of the film is and what does it mean about the secret being between you and me? Some of you thought the you and me referred to us and the film maker, and some of you thought it was about our secret and sharing it with a higher power, maybe something spiritual. We talked about the reference to closing your eyes and what that meant. Since lots of secrets are hidden, and not seen or heard, by closing our eyes we remove ourselves from reality and need trust in order to share our secret. Here is the  Your Secret transcript 

Next we talked about secrets – Who are more secretive, men or women? Who do you tell your secrets to? Is it fair that the media tells secrets of rich and famous people? Have you ever revealed someone’s secret?

Ok, there is a popular project called PostSecret which is a project that was started by Frank Warren, who encouraged people to mail in post cards to him with secrets anonymously. Well, the project became very popular and now over 10 years later, there are a few books, and a website . Frank Warren also makes appearances at libraries and museums and universities to display the post cards and talk about them. We watched this PostSecret event a few years ago in Winnepeg, Canada, take another look here:

Image result for postsecretAfter watching, we discussed Frank’s philosophy about his project “Free your secrets and become who you are.”  We discussed this and also what motivates people to send in the post cards with their secret – are they looking for attention, or do they want to be free of their secrets? 

Image result for postsecret   Image result for postsecretLastly, we briefly talked about secrecy and privacy in today’s world of social media and putting our personal data out there. We are concerned about what is happening with our personal date and may make some changes now that we are aware of what can happen.

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And just to show how  secrets can get messed up, we played a game of telephonewhere we start with student 1 who looks at a picture and then whispers to student sitting next to them, who then passes it on to the next student, and then the next, who reveals what she/he heard.  We had a lot of fun and discovered how communication can really change when we pass it from one person to the next!! Great Job everyone!

Remember to relax and practice!