Who Are We, Really?

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Today we discussed countries, nationalities, citizens,and languages. Forming the nationality adjectives and nouns from country names can sometimes be tricky in English. So, for example, She lives in Japan (country). She is Japanese (origin/nationality/adjective). She is a Japanese person (citizen/noun). She speaks Japanese (language). Here is a comprehensive list of countries (geographic location), nationalities (adjective), and people/citizens (noun). Try to practice your pronunciation of some of these nationalities. Don’t forget this also applies to cities, people who are from Boston are Bostonians, just like people from London are Londoners. And people from Paris are Parisians. Image result for bostoniansNext we talked about the difference between ethnicity and nationality. Although these two are used as the same, there are some key differences.Image result for ethnicity vs nationality

So, on to today’s topic : Who are we, really? We discussed our family nationalities and/or ethnic groups. We are a very diverse group with varying nationalities, ethnicities, languages, cultures, religious and political views, to name a few.

Next we watched this short film, The DNA Journey, which is based on a  2016 contest by the online travel company, Momondo. The contestants wrote a 250 word  or less essay describing how travel could help to break down barriers among people. And the 68 winning contestants were given a free DNA test, and the opportunity to travel to some countries. Take a look at the film and watch the contestants reactions before they took the DNA test and after they got the results. 

One of the surprising moments was when the Kurdish woman finds out she has a Turkish cousin in the same room! We discussed the film and it’s quote at the end “An open world begins with an open mind.”How can we open our minds??? Lastly, another quote from the film “You have more in common than you think.” A couple of us thought it would be interesting to take a DNA test. How about you?

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This Monday , August 21st, is the solar eclipse!!!

Boston Viewing Location for Monday’s Solar Eclipse

  • Boston Public Library:Three city branches plan on hosting viewings and the Central Library at Copley will have activities and a live stream of the path in its courtyard. One of the more popular eclipse events, the library tweeted out that their public supply of glasses is already gone, and the rest will be at the event.

Free, 2 p.m., Boston Central Library, 700 Boylston St., bpl.org.

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If you can’t make it to a viewing site on Monday try this live streaming of the eclipse at  https://www.timeanddate.com/live/ and track this incredible event!

Relax and Practice!