Ordinary Moments

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Yesterday’s topic was all about life’s ordinary moments. A moment is a very short period of time: a particular point in time: a time of importance or success. Related image

We talked about types of moments including, happy, sad, embarrassing, awkward, routine, simple, special, real, emotional, life changing, dangerous,scary and lots more. Moment is used in a lot of idioms and expressions here is a link to some of them, and just click to find the meaning.

When talking about “at the moment” we use the present continuous verb tense. Here’s a fast review and practice we did on the present continuous.

We watched this short film , Moments, which is a series of ordinary moments in life. Take a look here:

After watching we talked about all the different moments in the film and which ones were significant or important to our own lives. We talked about the emotions of the moments, and the message of the film. What makes an ordinary moment extraordinary??

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Words of the day

sass (verb) : {informal} to talk to (someone) in a rude way that does not show proper respect                                                                                                                         Her kids sassed her whenever she asked them to do some chores around the house.

irritate (verb) : to make (someone) impatient, angry, or annoyed : to make (part of your body) sore or painful                                                                                                       He can act so obnoxious when we are out with friends, it really irritates me!

stomachache (noun) : pain in or near your stomach                                                            Eating too much chocolate may give you a stomachache.

Remember to relax and practice!

Newbury Street will be closed to traffic this Sunday, August 13th, from 10am to 6pm. Take a stroll on Sunday, shop, eat, and people watch! Enjoy!

Have a magic moment!!

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