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On this warm, breezy, sunny day in July, we had the beach on our minds! What better way to spend a day like today than at the beach. So,we are taking a virtual day at the beach!Image result for cape cod beachesBut first we needed to review some vocabulary related to the beach, here are the images and vocabulary for  By the beach Beach Clothing and Accessories, and  Beachside activities. We talked about what we like about the beach, and what we like to do at the beach.

Today we discussed what are the important resources of the 21st century, which included energy sources, food, land, water, air, people, data and more. Today, however, many consider sand to be one of the most valuable resources being used today, behind water and air. Sand?? Well, this wasn’t something we think too much about, but, it plays an important part in our lives beyond just enjoying it at the beach.

We watched this talk by Denis Delestrac , “Let’s Talk About Sand”, in which he answers questions about what is sand used for; where does it come from;  why are we running out of sand; and what can we do about the disappearing sand. Take a look here:

After watching we reviewed some of the major points of Denis’ talk and were surprised about the worldwide condition of the supply of sand. The depletion of sand resources has an adverse on marine life; is shrinking our beaches; is increasing the cost of concrete used in most buildings; and has resulted in a “war” for sand. The underlying theme is that we need to respect our sand resources and think about alternatives and options to protect it. 

Image result for rachel carson quote in every grain of sand

We talked about 2 expressions using sand , bury your head in the sand which means don’t hide from problems, don’t ignore them (like an ostrich). And the other was “the sands of time” which refers to sand in an hourglass which passes through it as a metaphor for passage of time in our lives.  Image result for don't bury your head in the sandImage result for hourglass

So sand is valuable in nature, and is also a fascinating art form. We watched  this beautiful and amazing video made by sand artist, Yan Junjie, and his creation called “World of Conceptions”. This sand painting is very clever and is basically finger painting with sand. Enjoy the video here: 


As Vince Beiser wrote in the New York Times in his article titled “The World’s Disappearing Sand” 

One of the 21st century’s most valuable resources is sand.

Hardly anyone thinks about sand, where it comes from or what we do to get it.

It once seemed as if the planet had such boundless supplies of oil, water, trees and land that we didn’t need to worry about them. But of course, we’re learning the hard way that none of those things are infinite, and the price we’ve paid so far for using them is going up fast. We’re having to conserve, reuse, find alternatives for and generally get smarter about how we use those natural resources. That’s how we need to start thinking about sand.

Remember to relax and practice!