Hi Everyone,

Yesterday’s conversation was about physical appearance, intelligence, and persistence, or grit. We talked about which of these 3 traits were important to us, and as a group decided that intelligence was number 1, followed by physical appearance and then persistence. We described these two men in terms of physical appearance:Image result for 3x3 nuno rochaRelated image

Then we expressed our opinions about each man’s intelligence and persistence based on the photographs. Both the men are in the film we watched “3×3”.  We tried to guess what was the relationship between the men and what would happen in the film. Take a look at the film here: 

After watching we talked about the themes of the film – not to judge someone by their looks, and that persistence pays off.Image result for try try try again

We discussed personal instances in our own lives when we have been faced with a challenge but didn’t give up. 

A popular word used to describe persistence today is grit.Image result for grit

Grit is persistence, stamina and passion for long term goals. It is popular in education, psychology and business, as a measure of success. We watched this news report about grit, which features the author of a book on grit, Angela Duckworth. 

In the video Angela Duckworth talks about grit as “passion, perseverance, and payoff”, and that it is considered more important than intelligence, leadership, and physical fitness. But, the bottom line is that grit is as important as empathy and kindness.Related imageWe all agreed that we are gritty!

Words of the day

hesitant (adjective) : slow to act or speak especially because you are nervous or unsure about what to do                                                                                                        She seemed hesitant about accepting the job in London.

smack-dab (adverb) : {informal} exactly or directly                                                             In the movie theater, a very tall guy sat smack-dab in front of me! I could barely see the movie screen! 

prepare (verb) : to make (someone or something) ready for some activity, purpose, use, etc.                                                                                                                                     Our teacher prepared us for tomorrow’s math test.   

Remember to relax and practice!