Fear Of Rejection

Hi Everyone,

Today’s conversation was about fears and phobias – what are they and how do we express them.Related imageWe talked about vocabulary related to fears like scared and afraid which are general words to describe fear. Frightened is a sudden fear, terrified is an intense overpowering fear, and horrified involves a state of shock. Then we discussed some common idioms used to describe fear. Take a look here at the exercise we did together. 

Next we talked about fears and phobias, what makes them different. We reviewed some common phobias and one unusual phobia – hippopotomonstrosequipedaliophobia (fear of long words)! Here’s a list of some common phobias and their meanings.

We discussed some of our fears and then focused on the very common fear of rejection. We all face rejection every day and it can make us feel angry, frustrated, disappointed, shameful, and bad or mad with ourselves. But, none the less we have to deal with it. Rejection is the opposite of acceptance and we all want to belong, it’s just human nature.

Well, Jia Jiang, an entrepreneur was faced with a life long fear of rejection and he took on this fear in a very unusual way. He decided to take on a project where he faced rejection every day for 100 days. Here is his list of daily rejections. Watch his talk as he describes his rejection project: 

After watching his candid and funny talk, we reviewed some of Jia’s tips on how to deal with rejection: 1.) turn a no into a yes by asking “why” 2.) use empathy to break down barriers 3.) persistence often turns a no into a yes 4.) rejection never defines you, your reaction following rejection defines you , and, 5.) we can use rejection to fuel our determination to succeed. We all agreed that we can handle rejection better by using some of Jia’s tips!

Words of the day

blazing (adjective) : very hot, fast or powerful                                                                     At the beach last summer, the blazing sun made it uncomfortable to sit on the sand.

blast (noun) : a mass of air, water, gas, heat, etc., that moves very quickly and forcefully: {informal} a very enjoyable and exciting experience                                       We all had a blast at your wedding last weekend!

up to par (idiom) : good enough : as good as expected or wanted {- usually used in negative sentences}                                                                                                            His teacher said he’s an okay student, but, his math skills are just not up to par.

Have a great weekend and remember to relax and practice!

And don’t let fear of rejection get in your way, just Image result for turn yes into no