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Today we started off with a quick review of “Both….and….” “Both of them…” and “Neither….nor….” “Neither of them….” , where both subjects do or feel the same way about something.

For example : 1.) Both Pete and Sam enjoy playing tennis.                                              2.) Neither Alice nor Sally wants to come to the party.  

The only rules you have to remember is to always use the plural form of the verb with Both…and….     But, with Neither…nor…. the verb depends on the subject (singular or plural) closest to the verb! Take another really quick look at this 6 sentence practice we did together!  Then we held a team competition, where you all split up into 3 teams and some of you asked yes/no questions which were answered and you had to make a sentence using Both…and…./Both of them and Neither..nor…/Neither of them. Great job everyone and congrats to the winners, Team C,with a total of 9 points!!!

Now, onto today’s topic : Everyday Life.Related image

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We split up into pairs and each person asked the other 5 questions about their daily life. After each person had time to get to know a little about their partner’s daily life, we shared what we found out, and tried to imagine what life is like for each other. We concluded that our days are fairly routine with chores and schedules, and activities like school and work and working out, and household duties and time with family and friends.

BUT….. what if you had an extra day in the week, what could you do??? We discussed and brainstormed possibilities for this extra day. Then we watched the film, Everyday, in which a couple Amie and Daniel (below)Image result for everyday gustav johansson script have a conversation about this idea of an extra day in the week, and what they might do. Watch the film here: 

After watching we talked about the activities Amie and Daniel could do on their extra day, and used the both…and / neither…nor forms to describe their feelings about their ideas. 

Lastly, we came up with some ideas of what we would call our extra day, great job coming up with some imaginative and inspirational names for your extra day!!

Words of the day

herbivore (noun) : an animal that only eats plants                                                               My rabbit is a herbivore, who eats lettuce and grass!

at a loss for words (idiom) : unable to think of anything to say                                           I was so shocked when she told me about her divorce, I was really at a loss for words.

delighted ( adjective) : made very happy : full of great pleasure or satisfaction               I am delighted to meet you, and hope to see you again soon.   

 This weekend is the Sail Boston celebration in Boston Harbor for more information about the schedule of events go to Sail Boston . Please be careful if you go, they are expecting big crowds.

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Remember to relax and practice!