May Is Bike Month


Hi Everyone,

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May is Bike Month!  We started off today with some of the advantages of biking – like, it’s fun and good exercise, less polluting, cheaper, and sometimes quicker. The disadvantages are it can be dangerous riding on roads with cars, can be uncomfortable in bad weather, and sometimes hard to park safely.

The word bicycle is formed by bi + cycle. The prefix bi- means two and so a bicycle has two wheels. Just like unicycle means one wheel and tricycle means three wheels. We looked at some other words with prefix + root word, and were able to come up with a lot of examples. Related image


By knowing the meaning of a few prefixes we can figure out word meanings and improve and expand our vocabulary. Here is a list of some common prefixes and the practice we did together. 


Next we talked out manifestos – which are written public statements declaring the intentions, motive or views of a government, group or individual. We came up with some examples like the Declaration of Independence, Communist Manifesto, Political party manifestos, and more. We watched this short film which is a manifesto for the company, Holstee. As we watched it we looked for values mentioned in the manifesto, and what is it all about. 

After watching we talked about some of the values and ideas in the manifesto, and what we thought of the Holstee manifesto. We agreed that the basic principals are good, but, some of the things are not realistic, like quitting a job.

Next we decided to come up with our own personal manifestos, and then we shared them with everyone. Some of the adjectives used to describe out personal manifestos were – passionate, realistic, compassionate, wise, artistic, humorous, simple, thoughtful, and practical. Great job everyone!!

Remember to relax and practice!

Get out there and bike ride (if it ever stops raining!)

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