Gender Stereotypes

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Today we discussed gender symbols, gender stereotypes, and the gender gap.  Image result for gender

The familiar symbols on the right are for women(in pink) for the planet Venus and for men (in blue) for the planet Mars.

These two symbols were adopted in the later half of the 20th century and are universal.


We held an open discussion about gender stereotypes,which are generalizations about the roles of each gender, and they can be positive and negative. Although men were under represented in today’s class, we got a lot of stereotypes about men and women! We talked about how gender is not the only part of who we are, and that each one of us is an individual. But, different cultures and attitudes definitely play a part in our views on gender roles and stereotypes. 

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Next we talked about the gender gap which is the discrepancy in opportunities, status, attitudes, etc., between men and women. Two primary factors that contribute to the gender gap are education and workplace, which includes job opportunities and salary differences. One industry here in the US that has a huge gender gap is the tech industry. The tech industry is a male dominated industry, but it is much too important part of the economic engine to limit women into the industry. A recent documentary called, Code, Debugging the Gender Gap takes a look at the gender issues in tech. Take a look at a brief trailer of the film here:

(sorry that due to electrical issues we couldn’t watch this in class and only listened to it)

We talked about specific businesses and industries in your home countries with gender gaps, and saw some of the same issues as the tech industry here.

Next we heard two interesting accounts from immigrant men here in America and how they are coping with their male cultures. Take a listen to the interviews here. After listening we discussed how Lindolfo Carballo, from El Salvador and Samuel Adewusi, from Nigeria, each dealt with being a man in America.Image result for immigrant men in america

Carballo says many parents in Latin America teach their children that “men are to be served by their sisters.” He tries to model a different approach by sharing cooking and other household duties with his wife.”

Thanks for a lively discussion today, and, again sorry for the computer problems.

Words of the day

have it made (idiom) : to be in a very good position or situation                                       She has it made with a great job, a healthy family, and a big house with a pool.

steaming (adjective) : very hot : very angry                                                                          We all agreed that the weather in Boston in July and August can be steaming hot!

bangle (noun) : a large ring that is worn as jewelry around the arm, wrist, or ankle        She was wearing a very pretty bangle on her wrist, which also matched her earrings.

Remember to relax and practice!