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Today we started off with a review of prepositions and 10 common mistakes that people make. Prepositions are important words and we use them frequently. There are lots of them, so meanings and usage can be confusing. The exercise we did together in class is here, and you’ll find the answers in green. Also, take a look at this list of 40 common prepositions with meanings and examples.

Ok, on to today’s topic – Perfect World. First, we described how a perfect world would look – you all came up with some very interesting and inspiring details for your perfect world.  We talked about some of the types of social and emotional features of our worlds. We watched this video, World Builder, about a man who builds a high-tech, special world. Take a look here:

After watching we talked about the man’s style of building, what does it mean, and why did he build this world. What does the yellow flower mean? We agreed that the man built the world for his dying wife, and without her the world did not exist. Image result for is there a perfect worldSo, back to our question – is it possible or impossible to have a perfect world? Well, we had a good debate on this question, and some felt human nature would not allow a perfect world to exist, and others felt that with good leadership, and commitment to common goals we could have a perfect world. Some felt that a perfect world is in every individual already. 

Words of the day

chintzy (adjective) : {informal} not showing good taste: poorly or cheaply done or made: stingy or cheap                                                                                                             Many of my co-workers complain about how chintzy our boss is with salary raises.

soft drink (noun) : a cold drink that is usually sweet, does not contain alcohol, and is often sold in bottles or cans                                                                                               Many people like soft drinks, especially Coke.

withdraw (verb) : to remove money from a bank account: to take something back so that it is no longer available : to stop participating in something                                      You can withdraw up to $500 from you bank ATM.

Remember to relax and practice!

This Sunday is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston click parade information for more details.

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