Hi Everyone,

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Today we started by filling in this short paragraph: 

We all have ______________________.

________________________ help us to laugh.

________________________ help us to love.

Without _________________ , life wouldn’t be the same.

The answer is “memories”! Today’s topic was Memories – The Science and Sentiment.

First, the science of memories – we talked about short term and long term memories. Why we remember certain things and not others.  What memories are important or not, and what are good or bad. Image result for memoryMemory is the ability of the mind to store, retrieve and encode information. Memory is vital to experience, without memory, we are not us.

We talked about losing or forgetting memories, why does that happen? What can we do to improve our memories? You all came up with some interesting suggestions!

Next we talked about the sentiment of memories, or the emotions and feeling of memories. Our memories are commonly triggered by the five senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. We shared some specific personal memories, thank you all for your candor.

We discussed how to preserve memories – from videos, photographs, heirlooms, furniture, jewelry, books, newspapers, magazines, music, and audio recordings (also called oral histories). We listened to this audio recording from Story Corps about a woman , Chloe Longfellow, and her memories of her grandmother. Click here to listen to Chloe Longfellow remembers her grandmother. After listening we talked about what her grandmother taught Chloe and how it affected her life. Take a look at this video of Chloe’s talk with animation: 

In the end, Chloe’s grandmother left her lifelong love.

Words of the day

TLC (noun) : {informal} care and attention that is given to make someone feel better, to improve the bad condition of something (TLC is an abbreviation of “Tender Loving Care”)                                                                                                            After breaking up with his girlfriend, he just needed a hug and some TLC.   

goofball (noun) : {informal} a silly or stupid person                                                              Those kids are always fooling around, playing pranks and telling jokes. What a bunch of goofballs!       

go places (idiom) : to become successful                                                                              With all the time he spends studying, he is definitely going places.       

Remember to relax and practice! Don’t forget!   

                  The cookbook, featuring those hand prints left in beet juice.                           (Courtesy of Chloe Longfellow)