The Cultural Iceberg

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Today we discussed the world’s total population, over 7.5 billion people, and where do we fit in? Check out this live world population meter to see how quickly the world’s population is growing. So, it is difficult to comprehend the number 7.5 billion and what makes us unique and what do we have in common. A handy way to look at this is to imagine there were 100 people in the world ( a much easier number to understand). We talked about how many men and women there would be, what would be the nationalities, the languages, and the average age range. Take a look at this video that gives you some demographics: 

Here is a link to the data and report for the statistics used in the video. We talked about some of the surprising information, especially education and shelter. 

So, now back to what makes us unique. In pairs we discussed our unique traits and what we had in common. Some of these traits were age, language, nationality, physical appearance, family status, education, and likes and interests. But we also discovered that we have different and similar beliefs, values, customs, and ways of living – culture. Each of us has our own individual and unique culture. 

We looked at culture as an iceberg, where we only see about 10% of the iceberg which is above water. The other 90% is below the water and we can’t see it. Take a look at this image to get a better understanding of this iceberg model of culture:Image result for cultural icebergThe things that we can see are above the water line and what we can’t see is below the water line. It is those beliefs, values, customs,and views on life, which are below the water line, that can lead to misunderstandings among people of different cultures. Next we watched this short video One Day On Earth, which shows a variety of cultures around the world. 

After watching we shared our observations of various customs, activities, clothing, food and other differences in culture. 

To avoid misunderstandings among different cultures and to co-exist peacefully on this earth, we need to practice tolerance. Tolerance is the willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own.  We talked about how we can practice tolerance among a world of over 7.5 billion people – travel, education, respect, avoid stereotypes, understand differences, try new foods, sports, movies, and books of another country, learn a language, communicate and many more. We ended our discussion with this quote Image result for helen keller education and tolerance quote

Words of the day

value (verb) : to make a judgement about the amount of money that something is worth : to think that (someone or something) is important or useful                               The necklace was valued at $250,000.

no sweat (idiom) : with little or no difficulty : easily                                                              Sure, I can drive a car no sweat !

eyesore (noun) : an ugly object or building                                                                          That old run-down shack is a real eyesore.

Remember to relax and practice! 

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