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On this frigid morning, after yesterday’s snowstorm, our discussion was about time. Image result for timeAre we constantly worrying about time, does it stress us out? Or do we not think about time too much, and just go with the flow? Well, whatever type of person you are time serves a purpose to keep order in our lives, and help to make things run smoothly. Take a look at this video on the “History of Keeping Time” .

So, time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, eras, seasons and more. But time is changing with technology and changing lifestyles and work habits. Take the iPhone watch which does a lot more than tell time – it has built in GPS, you can check and monitor your heart rate and it syncs Image result for iPhone watchwith the iPhone 5 so you can get email and text messages and be notified of phone calls! Pretty cool!

One of our classmates was wearing the iPhone watch, and explained some of the advantages and features!

Time is used in lots of idioms and expressions, like “time flies” meaning time passes quickly, and “wasted time” meaning goofing off and not doing what you should be doing. Here is the exercise we did Time idioms and expressions and the list of time expressions meanings

Next we discussed what can happen in a minute, and what can happen in a second. Things like a smile, a wink, a blink of an eye, pushing a button, closing a door, turning off a light, and lots more. German filmmaker, Wim Wenders joined up with Mont Blanc, the watch makers, and hosted a contest for people to submit a one-second video of something they thought was beautiful. Watch Wim Wenders explain the contest here: 

Lots of people submitted their one-second videos for the contest, and they were put together in a one-minute video. Here are two of the videos, and each one has 60 one-second videos.

So, whether you wear a wristwatch, an iPhone watch, use your phone as a watch, or anything else, don’t forget to make every second count!

Words of the day

butt heads (phrasal verb) : to disagree about how something should be done             We’ve seen the Republicans and Democrats butt heads about lots of issues lately.

snowdrift (noun) : a hill of snow that is formed by the wind                                               Yesterday’s snowstorm also had high winds which created snowdrifts all over Boston, but, lots of kids enjoyed playing on them!   

mollify (verb) : to make (someone) less angry : to calm (someone) down                       After their disagreement, Amy tried to mollify Pat with an apology.  

Remember to relax and practice!

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