Hobbies and Reading

Hi Everyone,

This morning we began with a discussion about hobbies – which are activities done in one’s leisure time for pleasure. We talked about when we do hobbies and listed some of our favorite hobbies –  sports;crafts; reading; listening to music ; napping; collecting stuff – just about anything fun and enjoyable!Image result for hobbiesToday we focused on reading and the joy of books. First we started by creating a list of all the different genres (or types) of books we could think of and posted our results on the wall. Then we talked about our favorite bookstore and wondered what happens in a bookstore when it’s closed…. take a look at this short video to see what happens when a bookstore is closed. 

After watching we talked about the quote at the end of the video “There’s nothing quite like a real book”. We agreed that “real book” means a print book, not an e-book or digital book. Then we discussed some personal preferences about our favorite authors, what time of day we like to read, what we like to read, and can we judge a book by its cover?? Well done everybody, you all had some great thoughts and ideas on reading.

Next we discussed the future of reading and books. With new technologies and innovations in publishing books are changing and now available online in digital formats.Related image We talked about the pros and cons of digital books and print books, and most of us agreed that digital books are convenient and easily accessible, but there is still something special about a print book.

We watched this short video of a digital, interactive version of Al Gore’s book, Our Choice. It has some pretty cool features that make the book and its content come alive. Take another look here: 

So, you choose, either the digital version (above)  or the print version (below)

Image result for our choice


Words of the day

eventually (adverb) : at some later time                                                                               Eventually, I got over the flu and returned to work.

lift a finger (idiom) : to make an effort to do something                                                     She has so much work to do around the house and none of her kids lift a finger to help out!

silent treatment (idiom) : the act of ignoring someone because you are angry at him or her                                                                                                                                          Whenever he gets mad at me, he gives me the silent treatment.

Remember to relax and practice!

Also, if you haven’t already, give yourself the greatest gift – a library card. Click on  this link to get more information on how to get your free Boston Public Library card.

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