Nonverbal Communication

Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome back and let’s have a fantastic 2017! Today we started off with a discussion about communication – the act of interacting with people and sharing information with themThere are two types of communication – verbal, which uses words and nonverbal , which is based on signsYou all gave some examples of verbal and nonverbal communication. But today our focus was on nonverbal communication – hand gestures; facial expressions; and body postures.

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We all took some turns demonstrating these nonverbal signs and talked about the difference in culture and meanings of some of them. Next we watched this clip from the movie “Save the Last Dance” in which a guy tries to teach his friend how to hip hop dance. We listened for the body postures that he suggested and what it takes to be a good hip hop dancer. 

We agreed that hip hop is about attitude – confidence, swagger, and being strong and relaxed.

So, onto today’s conversation about dance as communication and language. Dance is a form of nonverbal communication that expresses feelings, emotions, and can be a form of therapy. We talked about dance in different cultures and dance in history. Dance tells stories, dance celebrates life and love, dance is powerful and allows us to be expressive with our emotions, and dance is an important part of cultural folklore.

This next video focuses on dance as expression and therapy for dancer and artist, Aakash Odedra, who suffers from dyslexia. Aakash uses the language of dance to tell us his story about dealing with dyslexia. The piece is called “murmur” – a murmur  is a soft, indistinct sound made by a person, kind of like a whisper. Take a look here: 

After watching we talked about his body movements and what they told us about how Aakash was feeling and how he copes with his dyslexia. We talked about the overall progression of the video and what it says about his life journey. Great job everyone on all your wonderful thoughts and insights!!

Lastly, we discussed do actions speak louder than words?? Why and when? And also, which is more powerful verbal or nonverbal communication? Both of these are complex and complicated, but, we use verbal and nonverbal communication all the time, and simultaneously. Image result for nonverbal communicationWords of the day

go-to (adjective) : {informal} always helpful: producing desired results or information when needed                                                                                                      Jane is my go-to friend, whenever I need advice on my relationship with my husband.

insatiable (adjective) : always wanting more : not able to be satisfied                            The students desire for knowledge was insatiable.

go over big (idiom) : {informal} to be successful or well-liked                                          That big pot of homemade soup went over big with everyone on this chilly, winter day.       

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Have a great weekend! Remember to relax and practice….. and dance!