Strangers And Being Alone

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Today we began by talking about strangers – who are they and how do we feel about strangers? Do we talk easily with strangers or not? Why and where?Image result for when strangers meet: how people you don't know can transform you

We talked about conversations with strangers and how do we feel when strangers approach us and want to talk. We listened to this talk by Kio Stark, “Why You Should Talk To Strangers”. This talk is based on her book “When Strangers Meet”. Kio is a person who sees the benefits of talking with strangers and offers some insight into how we react to strangers in different cultures. She also gives some advice on how to meet and talk with strangers. Take another look here:

Generally we agreed with Kio’s ideas, but, it’s different in real life situations…. Then we talked about certain things we do when we are strangers, especially when we travel to other countries and may not know the language or how to get around on our own.

But, sometimes, you just want to alone and not bother with anyone else. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of being alone, and also talked about what places we like to go to be alone, and what things we like to do when we are being alone. Then we talked about loneliness and being alone – loneliness is a feeling or emotion of sadness because one has no friends or company ; being alone is to be physically apart from other people. We watched this video “How To Be Alone” based on the poem by Tanya Davis: 

Tanya Davis has a lot of good, simple and easy ways to be alone and enjoy it! Here is a copy of the poem How To Be Alone by Tanya Davis which you can read while listening to the video. Lastly, we talked about being alone at different stages in your life and how it changes. Thanks for all your ideas and personal thoughts on today’s conversation!

Words of the day

scarcely (adjective) : almost not at all : hardly                                                                     He had scarcely enough money to pay for the deposit and first month’s rent on his apartment.

scruffy (adjective) : {informal} not neat, clean, or orderly                                                 I know college students like to wear casual clothes, but, sometimes they just look scruffy! 

ashamed (adjective) : feeling shame or guilt                                                                       She was ashamed at her rude behavior at Thanksgiving last year.

Remember to relax and practice!

Enjoy this cold winter weekend, but, be sure to bundle up!

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