Hi Everyone,

What a perfect November day! Today we began with some confusing word pairs, that can be kind of tricky to use in conversation.Image result for confusing wordsSometimes these words may sound the same; they may have different meanings; they may be spelled the same…. here’s the practice we did together using 12 word pairs.

Today’s topic was magic, which is one of the oldest performing arts in the world. Magic is the ability to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions. People who perform magic are magicians. We are all familiar with magic shows and magic tricks, such as card tricks, coin tricks, and even pulling a rabbit out of a hat!  Image result for pulling rabbit out of a hat

We talked about magic in culture, like in books, literature, poetry (Harry Potter); in movies (Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz); and also in music, paintings, drawings, sculpture, and in science and technology, too.

We watched this introduction to the movie Now You See Me, which is about magicians who perform magic tricks to large audiences. The type of magic they performed is illusion or tricking the audience into seeing and believing what they think they see.

We talked about this performance and then talked about illusion and illusionists (people who perform tricks that deceive the eye) who perform “sleight of hand” or the ability to use manual dexterity usually to perform tricks. Image result for sleight of hand

Next we looked at another magician, Marco Tempest, who uses technology to perform his magic. He also has some very interesting ideas about deception, and magic and art. Take another look at his video here- 

After watching we discussed the last quote in the video “Art is a deception that creates real emotion, a lie that creates a truth, and when you give yourself over to that deception, it becomes magic.” Thanks for sharing your views and ideas on this topic.

Words of the day

galore (adjective) : {informal} in large numbers or amounts                                              All the stores promise bargains galore on Black Friday!

gourd (noun): any one of several fruits that have a hard shell and are used for decoration and not for eating                                                                                               For Halloween this year we decorated out front door step with pumpkins and gourds.

entangle (verb) : to cause something to get caught in or twisted with something else : to get someone involved in a confusing or difficult situation                               It’s unfortunate, but after they decided to get a divorce, Sam and Mary were entangled in a long and messy lawsuit.


Crowd gathered in front of art
Crowd gathered in front of art at MFA Overnight event

Couple of reminders : no class next Friday 11/11 Library is closed for Veterans Day                                    : daylight savings is tomorrow night – set clocks BACK one hour            :MFA celebrates Overnight event – from 9 pm Fri.(11/4) to 9 am Sat. (11/5) and             it’s FREE!!!     Check out details and schedule, click on this link                                                                        

Remember to relax and practice! Have a magical weekend!