Hi Everyone,

Today’s topic was secrets – we all have them, and sometimes we share them and sometimes not. Secrets are hidden things that are sometimes dark and depressing and sometimes happy and positive, but, they are also private and personal.

Before we got into today’s topic we reviewed the use of pronouns – subjective, objective, possessive, and reflective – how and why we use them. Pronouns are basically used as a substitute for a noun, which makes our speech more natural.Image result for pronounsLots of us confuse the subject pronoun “I” and the object pronoun “me”. Take another look at this review we did of personal pronouns I/me/my/mine/myself. You all did a great job on this practice, so, you are “pronoun pros”!

Now, let’s get back to our discussion – secrets

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We talked about who we confide in, and if we can keep other people’s secrets. What are the most common secrets? Who are very secretive people? Are you a very secretive person? Who are better at keeping secrets , men or women? Are secrets important? You all had some very interesting responses to these questions. Next we watched this video “Your Secret” which has a different way to look at secrets and gave us some new ideas to talk about.

After watching we talked about the ideas that secrets are beautiful, free, simple and can be made anytime and anywhere, even in the shower!Image result for your secretThis Monday, October 31st, is Halloween and many people will celebrate with costume parties, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins. An iconic cartoon strip, Peanuts, celebrates Halloween with “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” take another look here, hope you enjoy it!  Happy Halloween !!! 

 Words of the day

chilly (adjective) : noticeably cold: feeling cold                                                                   We all thought it was kind of chilly and cold this morning, after all that rain last night.

sashay (verb) : [always followed by a preposition or adverb] to walk in a slow and confident way that makes people notice you                                                                       In the New York City fashion show last month, the models sashayed down the runway in some unusual outfits!

mask (noun) : a covering for your face or for part of your face                                         Lots of people will be wearing masks with their Halloween costumes this year.

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Remember to relax and practice!