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We began today with a review of “like” as a verb and a preposition.Image result for like as a verb and preposition

“Like” as a verb is used to express enjoyment, preferences/choices and habits. It is followed by a noun or by the infinitive of a verb (“to go”) or the -ing form of a verb (“going”).

“Like” as a preposition is used to express comparison or similarity and is followed by a noun or pronoun.

Today’s discussion topic was creativity – what does creativity mean? Who is creative? When do we use our own creativity in our daily lives? When we first started out conversation we naturally considered creative people to be inventors, architects, artists, musicians, scientists and others. We described creativity as new, problem solving, innovative, energetic, compassionate, intelligent, and a few more. Although some of us were humble, we did agree that we are all creative in our own ways. We watched this video “What is being creative?”

After watching we compared the ideas in the video with our own ideas, and discussed this quote “we always learn when we try”. We talked about how we are creative in learning English, using movies, radio, books, classes and adapting to life in a new country. Creativity can be big or small and comes from inspiration in the world around us.  Next we watched this video “29 Ways To Stay Creative”. 

We talked about some of the ways to stay creative, which was helpful advice. Then as a last step to explore our creativity, we worked on writing up some short dialogues for a few comic strips. Here are two of the blank comic strips you used:

You all did a really great job coming up with some crazy and imaginative stories and dialogues!! 

Words of the day

rake (noun) : a tool that has a series of metal, wooden, or plastic pieces at the end of a long handle and that is used to gather leaves                                                             Autumn is the time of year when most of us use rakes to clean up leaves in our yard.

crackle (verb) : to make a series of short, sharp noises                                                     Walking around the Boston Common this time of year, leaves crackle under your feet.

plumage (noun) : the feathers that cover the body of a bird                                              The peacock has a beautiful and colorful plumage.

It’s the Head of the Charles Regatta this weekend! The Charles River will be full of rowers competing in the races! 

Image result for Head of the charles 2016

Remember to relax and practice!

Image result for raking leaves