The Marshmallow Test

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Today we reviewed two simple, but different ways, to express future predictions and intentions – going to and will This chart shows the different uses of going to and will . Remember that when you use going to it needs real evidence and, when you use will it is an opinion, with no real evidence.Image result for going to and willTwo examples : 1.) The sky looks sunny and clear, it’s not going to rain today.  (in this sentence, the real evidence is the “sunny and clear” sky, so use going to).

                            2.) I think the Red Sox will win the World Series this year! (in this sentence, there is no real evidence, it is just an opinion, so use will).                             Here is the review and practice on going to and will we did in class.  And don’t forget when the phone rings….Image result for phone ringing I'll get it
” I’ll get it!!”



Today was all about future predictions, we discussed some predictions that we make and some people who use predictions in their jobs and careers, like meteorologists, doctors, politicians, parents, scientists, researchers, and lots more. Our focus today was on social scientists and an experiment that was conducted in the 1972, called the Marshmallow Test. We watched this video that has some of the original subjects in the test, which is kind of funny. 

Some of you were already familiar with this test, which was conducted to look at self-control and deferred gratification in children, and then how they behaved and performed later in life. The original study rewarded children who did not eat the original marshmallow with another marshmallow. Later on, follow up studies indicated that the children who were able to delay gratification longer had gone on to be happier, healthier and more successful in their adult lives. Next we watched this video which explains the study and results, but, these were Colombian children, not American, as in the original study. Take a look here: 

Not surprising the results were the same on this group of children. We discussed the idea of instant gratification and future behavioral outcomes. We also talked about how we would conduct this study in today’s world of consumerism and technology. Great job everyone and “don’t eat the marshmallow!”

Words of the day

strudel (noun) : a German pastry made of thin dough rolled up with fruit filling and baked                                                                                                                                        One of my favorite things on a chilly day is to have a cup of cocoa and piece of apple strudel.Yum!

persevere (verb) : to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult                                                                                                                   Even though he was tired, he persevered and finished the Marathon.

bear hug (noun) : a strong hug : an act of showing affection by putting your arms around someone and squeezing very tightly                                                                        She gave her sister a bear hug, because she loved her.

Image result for bear hug

Remember to relax and practice!