Falling For Technology

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Today, the last day of September, got us talking about fall here in New England. This is a lovely time of year, when the weather gets cooler, the days are shorter, and we change some of our daily activities. We discussed some of the foods and events, including football games; the Head of the Charles regatta ; apple picking; and pumpkins, pumpkins, and pumpkins!Image result for pumpkinsThen we took a look at some phrasal verbs with “fall” , what are their meanings and how can we use them in conversation. Here are 10 phrasal verbs with “fall”

Phrasal Verb with FALL MEANING
fall apart (1) to break into pieces


fall apart (2) to become emotionally upset and unable to behave normally


fall back to retreat, withdraw, or pull away from


fall back on to have the option to use something if other plans are not successful


fall behind to not stay on schedule


fall down / fall over to physically fall to the ground


fall for to fall in love and develop a romantic attraction to someone and to believe a lie or story that is false (such as to “fall for the hype of the new iPhone”)


fall off when something detaches or separates from a bigger object


fall out to have a disagreement or argument with someone and then be angry with each other


fall through to be unsuccessful, usually with plans


Here’s the quick review we did together in class Answers Phrasal Verbs With “Fall”

Today’s topic was social isolation and technology. We talked about the positive and negative aspects of technology. One negative aspect is the increasing lack or loss of face-to-face communication. We all agreed that we are more likely now to email, text, phone, or message our family and friends, and as a result, we are seeing less of them. This is particularly true with younger users of technology. We watched this film “Look Up” by Gary Turk, which is based on a poem about overuse of technology and what’s happening to personal contact and communication. 

After watching we discussed some of the ideas in the video, and most of us agreed that we should “live life the real way”. Here is a copy of the poem Look Up by Gary Turk which you can read as you watch the video. There is also a version of the video with English subtitles, which you can also take a look at below.

Unfortunately we ran out of time today. But, enjoy this first weekend of October!

**The Let’s Talk About Food festival is tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 1st at Copley Square -from about 10am to 5pm, and it’s free!**Image result for let's talk about food festival 2016

Image result for let's talk about food festival 2016





Remember to relax and practice!