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We reviewed prepositions of time used when we want to express a period of time. Here is a chart with use and examples of the prepositions forduring, and while.

Preposition Use Example
for for + a period of time I haven’t seen you for weeks.

during + noun to say when something happens, not how long it happens

I fell asleep during class today.
while while + subject + verb to say when something happens The phone rang while we were having dinner.

Next,we looked at the propositions from…to and since, their use and examples are below

Preposition Use Example
from… from + starting point in time with to + end point I will be in my office from 2pm to 5pm.
since also use since + starting point


I have been in my office since this morning.

Click here to review the practice we did together  Prepostions For, During, While and Prepositions From…To, Since.

Today’s topic was Symmetry – which is when two sides or halves are similar in size, shape and position. Something that is balanced and has harmony. You can see the symmetry in these shapes.Image result for symmetry

We extended this idea of symmetry into some everyday, usual words, like hot, fat, chips and apples. In addition to looking for similarities and compliments to these words we also looked for the opposites. We watched this film Symmetry which shows a split screen of words with their compliments or opposite. 

Sometimes knowing the opposite or compliment of a word can help with vocabulary. Next we looked at this image and tried to figure out what it could mean, and what hints it gave us to figure out the next video we were going to watch. 

You all guessed that one newspaper was in French and the other in English, and it looked like a split image of coffee with cream and without, and there is a croissant in the lower left hand corner. We discussed some possible ideas for the story of the video, so take another look at the video. 

The video shows a lot of contrasts and compliments as the man and woman leave from Paris and New York City and then meet up in London. It shows the two cities side by side and the travels of the man and woman. Hope you enjoyed it!

Words of the day

a touch of (idiom) : a small amount of (something) : a hint or trace of (something)         I woke up this morning with a sore throat and felt achy. I think I have a touch of the flu.

sock away (noun) : {informal} to save (something, such as money) by putting it in a safe place                                                                                                                                   socked away my jewelry in a shoe box in my closet, to keep my little sister from finding it!

brainiac (noun) : {informal} a very intelligent person                                                          All he does is study, so I guess he’s the class brainaic.

 Remember to relax and practice!

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