Finding The Meaning Of Work

Hi Everyone,

Today, after a brief fire drill, we reviewed language and expressions about work and jobs. Many conversations include the questions “What do you do?” “Where do you work?” These are simple questions and here are some ways to answer :               1.)  I work at/ for  Harvard University.                                                                                  2.)  I work in the psychology department.                                                                           3.)  I work in Cambridge.                                                                                                       4.)  I work with data from the many studies we perform.                                               So, work  at / for (a company, a person)                                                                                     work in ( a department, place, city, country)                                                                       work with (people, things)    

Next, we talked about how to respond if you don’t have a job, you could say “I’m unemployed” or “I’m between jobs at the moment.” If you work for yourself, you can say, “I’m self-employed.” or you may be doing freelance or consulting work. We looked at some common vocabulary words used in the job/work cycle from hiring to raises and promotions to firing and dismissal. Sometimes we decide to leave a job for personal reasons – we quit (informal) or resign (formal). The other reason we may leave a job is to retire, which is usually around the age of 65. Take another look at the quick practice we did together Job Vocabulary Practice. Then we did this short quiz on identifying jobs What’s the job?. Great job on both!!!

Today was all about jobs, and so we each identified our best, worst, and dream jobs. Then we took a look at why we identified them this way, and what characteristics these jobs had. It’s hard to decide what you want to do in your career, so, we watched this video about Sean Aiken , who decided to check out different jobs in an unusual way. 

After watching we talked about Sean’s adventures and what jobs he had and how he got the project started. Some of us thought it was a cool idea, and maybe, we’d try it, if we had the opportunity. One of Sean’s themes was finding passion in work. We also discussed this idea of passion and work, and is it really possible to achieve, and how could we achieve it. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and ideas and suggestions!

Finally, we watched this short video on the meaning of work presented by the producer of Sean’s documentary film “One Week Job”  

After watching we talked about the challenges employees and their employers are faced with in today’s global and dynamic work place. Image result for quotes by buddha about work






Words of the day

dormitory (noun) : a building on a school campus that has rooms where students can live                                                                                                                                     I heard that the new dormitories at Boston University are very modern and efficient.

snatch (verb) : to take (something) quickly or eagerly                                                       Mary snatched the ball from Paul while they were on the school playground at recess. 

amiss (adjective) : {not used before a noun} not correct or proper : wrong                  After all the testing in the lab, the scientist was worried that something was still amiss. 

Remember to relax and practice!