Sleep, Slept, Sleeping

Hi Everyone,

On Friday we discussed expressions about sleep, sleeping, waking up, and feeling tired or drowsy. We talked about some ways to help us fall asleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Image result for sleep clipart

But sometimes the stresses of life make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. So sometimes we just have to take a cap nap or catch forty winks.

Here’s the quick practice we did together on  Sleep Expressions. Then we watched this video on “How to Sleep Better” 

After watching the video we all agreed that the 5 tips were useful, but, sometimes hard to follow. Some of you also suggested using calming music to help get a better rest.

Next we looked at the photographs from James Mollison’s book “Where Children Sleep” . Mollison photographed over 50 children all over the world and their bedrooms. He wanted to present these photographs to show inequalities among children and human rights. Next ,in pairs, we looked at one of the photographs and described the child in detail, including name, where they live, what their family life is like, what are they likes and dislikes, what is daily life like, and what are their hopes and dreams. Here are a few of the photos you described.Image result for where children sleepImage result for where children sleep

Image result for where children sleep

Image result for where children sleep

You all did a terrific job on describing these children and their lives!!! It was almost the end of class but we did watch the first 10 minutes of this video in which James Mollison describes his “Where Children Sleep” project and gives some details about several of his photographs. 

No time for words of the day – we’ll do them next week.

Happy Labor Day

Remember to relax and practice!

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