Honesty / Dishonesty

Hi Everyone,

Before we got into today’s topic on honesty / dishonesty we did a quick review of the words as and like, which are often confused since they are both used to compare actions or situationsImage result for as and like

We also use as with a job or function, such as, She is working as a waitress. Use as with the form “as adjective as” , for example, He is not as tall as his brother. 

You will generally hear like used in everyday speech, so that helps to remember that like is the simpler wordor at least followed by simpler words. Take another look at the practice we did together.

So onto today’s topic of honesty / dishonesty – we brainstormed some synonyms for honesty and dishonesty. Then we discussed what we thought about honest and dishonest people; what groups or types of people are prone to dishonesty; is it just human nature to be honest or dishonest? To help further our ideas on the topic we watched this video from the The (Dis)Honesty Project 

After watching we talked about some of the quotes from the people in the video and what types of people admitted to being dishonest. As the producer says at the end, “It’s not about being bad, it’s about being human”.

Then we listened to the audio from a very short video and tried to guess what the video was about. We came up with a pretty crazy story – and then watched the video “Blind Luck”. 

Much of the discussion afterwards was about the obvious dishonesty of the store clerk with the customer. We also spent some time discussing what we would do if we were in the store and saw what happened – very interesting thoughts and ideas!!

Words of the day

A-OK (adjective) : {informal} entirely good or satisfactory : perfectly OK                     Today’s class was A-OK, now, let’s go get lunch!

wander (verb) : to move around or go to different places usually without having a particular purpose or direction                                                                                              I have no plans this weekend, so I think I’ll just wander around Boston.

raft (noun) : a plastic or rubber boat that you have to fill with air in order to use : a flat structure that is used for floating or sailing on water                                                 There’s nothing like floating on a raft  on a hot summer day.

Bonus sentence using all 3 words                                                                                       I was wandering down the Charles River on my raft ,and everything was A-OK!!!

Remember to relax and practice!

Image result for floating on a raft on Charles River Boston