Money + Happiness

Hi Everyone,
Before we got to today’s topic about money and happiness, we took a look at consumer goods, luxury goods, and status symbols. Consumer goods are the things we buy and use. . Luxury goods are not  necessary, but tend to make life more pleasant, for example, mink coats, expensive sports cars, electronic gadgets, jewelry, fancy vacations, and designer clothes and accessories.

Status symbols are possessions that are purchased to indicate a person’s wealth or high social or professional status. (think designer labels like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Mercedes Benz…).

So, how do we get all this stuff?? Yes, you guessed it, MONEY! Money is a lot of different things todifferent people. We talked about some collocations with the word money – like hard-earned money, and spending money. There are certain verbs that collocate with money owe money, own money, spend money, save money, give/donate money, and earn/make money. Take another look at this practice we did today using Money Language .

Well, can money buy happiness? Most of the class thought it can not buy happiness. So we all got $20 to spend – on ourselves, or on others. We could spend the money on our own or in groups. But, in a group everyone had to agree on how to spend the money. You came up with things like dinners at a restaurant; lottery tickets; prepare a meal and bring it with flowers to someone who needed it; spend a day sightseeing in Boston with friends; buy a bakery treat and give the rest to a charity; and go on a picnic with friends. We agreed that all of these activities/purchases generally made us feel good. Next we watched this video “Can Money Buy Happiness” which explained some new ideas about the correlation between money and happiness.

The basic conclusion was that “money can buy happiness, if spent in the right way”. This video was very similar to our spending and feelings.

Lastly, we talked about what our lives would be like if money was no object. So, we would live a life where we don’t have to worry about the cost of things. Some of us would quit our jobs, and buy the company that we worked for! Others would travel to space, take a first class trip around the word, go to Harvard Business School, or just enjoy the freedom of a stress free life. This question was asked of these people in the video “If Money Was No Object” take another look here- 

After watching, we talked about feelings about money among men and women, and among older people and younger people. Great job everyone, and you can keep the $20 bucks!!! (just don’t try to spend it anywhere!!)

Words of the day

buoy (verb) : to cause (someone) to feel happy or confident : to lift of improve (something)                                                                                                                               She was buoyed by the success of her first novel, so she started on her second novel.

like hotcakes (idiom) : {informal} at a very fast rate : very quickly                                     When Apple introduced the new iPhone, it was selling like hotcakes.

magenta (adjective) : a bright, deep purplish-red color                                                       This scarf is magenta,  one of my favorite colors!

Remember to relax and practice!