Photography As Art

Hi Everyone,

Just to open up things this morning, we looked at the word best this word can be used as a simple adjective meaning of the most excellent, effective or desirable type or quality. It can also be an adverb as the superlative of well, and as a noun it means that which is most excellent, outstanding, or desirable, and as a verb it is used informally to mean to outdo, to get the better of, or to get an advantage over. After a week of watching the Rio Olympics we see that Michael Phelps is the best swimmer on the American team! Best is also used in some common idioms  – for example, No body on the Olympic Teams wants to be second best , everyone wants to win the gold medal. Here is a short list of some more common idioms with “best”.

Today we discussed photography and how it has changed over the last few years. We first described recent photographs we have taken, why we took them, where we took them, and what they mean to us. We take photographs for various reasons, but, generally because we want to remember something or someone, or just because it is a nice image or picture. 

Photographs today have changed a lot because of digital technology, which allows for easier storage, printing, and improved quality of photos. With software, photographs can be changed and edited. The images can be transformed into more than the original image. So, we then took a look at some digitally enhanced photographs by the Swedish artist, Erik Johansson.

Erik’s technique relies on a taking real photographs and then transforming them into the surreal. He uses a great amount of imagination and creativity in his work. Here is one of his photographs called “Fishy Island” 

We watched this video of Erik explaining his process and why he creates these photographs. 

After watching, we agreed that Erik’s work shows his talent and imaginative creativity. But is is photography? Is it art? Or what is it? Many of you thought it was a combination of art and photography, while some disagreed.

Next we watched this video of Erik creating a photograph for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, which he titled “Endless Stories” – the idea behind this was that by supporting cancer research more children will survive and be able to fulfill their dreams, like reading all the books in the world. 

After watching we talked about his technique and was this really a photograph, art, or just a digitally created image? 

Next we went to  Erik Johansson’s website and looked at his gallery of photographs, and selected one that we liked. We then described the photograph – describing the scene, who or what was in the photograph. How did it make us feel, what was Erik trying to express in the photograph. Great job everyone on letting your imaginations go wild!

Words of the day

scrumptious (adjective) : very pleasant to taste : delicious                                               On such a hot day, there’s nothing like a scrumptious bowl of ice cream!

boardwalk (noun) : a wooden path along a beach                                                               Last time he visited Atlantic City, he strolled along the famous boardwalk 

hammock (noun) : a type of bed that consist of a piece of cloth hung between two trees, poles, etc.                                                                                                                       There’s nothing like taking a nap in the hammock in the backyard.

Relax and practice….in your hammock!