The World Needs Love Now

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we tackled the question of “What’s going on in the world?” and “What does the world need now?” We took some time to think about these questions and then you all came up with some great ideas and suggestions. We watched this recent video made to raise money for the Orlando shooting victims and to honor them. 

We agreed that the video was nice, but, how does it really help with the Orlando shooting and all the other stuff going on in the world today. It’s complicated how we cope with, and process these events in our lives. 

So then we looked at the question “What do I need in my life now?” Our responses were things like money, practice, coffee, kindness, piece of mind, and more. Then we discussed what kinds of emotions are associated with these needs. So after we listed some adjectives we asked the big question “How do I want to be remembered?” After a few minutes thinking about this question you all came up with some very honest and remarkable responses.  We watched this video that asks the same question – how do you want to be remembered? – and also talks about living a full life. Watch it again here: 

After watching we talked about the characteristics of kindness and then we all came up with a few ideas about simple acts of kindness that we could do in our everyday lives. Your ideas were great… although, there were a lot of suggestions about helping out older people!? 

We also reviewed the use of adjectives followed by prepositions. For example, Boston is famous  for all its colleges and universities. Some adjectives need a preposition before their object. But there is no logical rule on which preposition to use with these adjectives, so we just have to learn them. We did these two practice exercises in class, just click here to review them again.  Here’s a list of some adjectives followed by prepositions:

Words of the day

go all out (idiom) : to do something with as much effort as possible                               Amazon goes all out to make sure that their packages arrive on time.   

deluge (noun) : a large amount of rain that falls suddenly in an area: flood                    After this mornings deluge I heard that we no longer have a drought in Massachusetts.

make a beeline for (idiom) : {informal} to go quickly and directly at or to (something or someone)                                                                                                                             As soon as the teacher said class was over, the students made a beeline for the door!

Remember to relax and practice!

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” -William Arthur Ward