30 Days

Hi Everyone,

How ya doin? Whatsup? Whattaya doin after class?

I’m gonna hang out with some friends and then I gotta bounce. Goin to the Cape for the weekend. Later.

Well, one of the more challenging things about learning and communicating in English is that native speakers use lots of slang and abbreviated words in conversation. Like this short conversation above, it can be so frustrating for English language learners, but, we need to be aware of it, and listen, speak, and practice it.  

We took a look at some common slang words that are used in conversations, here is the Common Slang Practice Exercise. Of course, this is informal language so we’d use it in casual conversation with friends, and usually not in more formal writing and conversations, like job interviews, etc.

Today’s topic was –  What Can We Do In 30 Days That Would Have An Impact On Our Lives? We brainstormed lots of activities that we can do like read a book; stop smoking; go on a trip; get married; eat healthy food; go to the gym; get a new job; get a new checking account, and lots more. 

Next, we reviewed the second conditional , which is formed by If + past simple, would + infinitive. For example , If I won the lottery, I would sail around the world. The second conditional is used for impossible things in the present / unlikely things in the future. We used the second conditional when we discussed what impact our 30 day activities would have on our lives – If I married Tom, I would be very happy.  Take another look at this Second Conditional Practice we did together. 

Then we watched this video about Matt Cutts who challenged himself to try something new for 30 days. As we watched we looked for informal or slang phrases that Matt used and also, what his 30 challenges were and how they impacted his life. 

Matt’s challenges were big and small and he gained self- confidence in the challenges, no matter if he succeeded or failed. Great job everyone on discussing Matt’s challenges and the informal phrases he used. “You can do anything in 30 days.” “Just give it a shot, and it will likely stick!”

Words of the day

comb (verb) : to smooth, arrange, or separate (hair) with a comb                                     If she combed  her hair back and put it in a ponytail, she would feel so much cooler.

pavilion (noun) : a building in a park that usually has open sides and is used for parties, concerts, or other events                                                                                         Would you meet me at the pavilion, if I told you I had a picnic lunch?

haywire (adjective) : not working properly                                                                            If the stock market went haywire, I would lose all my savings.

Remember to relax and practice! (“You can do anything in 30 days.”)

Enjoy the nice summer weekend.




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