Telling Crazy Stories

Hi Everyone,

Well, today we were in our new classroom!! It’s bright and beautiful, but we have a few things to work out over the next few weeks. The rooms are smaller so we will have two volunteers in two separate classrooms to accommodate you all. Thanks for being patient as we get used to our new space.

-New classroom on Mezzanine level of the Library’s Johnson Building-

So, one of the things we did not have this morning was our usual laptop and projector, so our lesson was “unplugged”! We started off by answering the question “Why do we talk?” – we went through the letters of the alphabet and identified certain verbs to answer this question. For example – to ask; to answer; to beg; to congratulate; to criticize; to demand; to educate; to inspire; to hate; to learn, and all the way through the to z.

Today’s topic was – telling crazy stories. But, before we got to that, we reviewed popular verb tenses used to tell stories – past modals and the third  conditional The past modals we focused on were could have (used to talk about possibilities) , should have (used to make recommendations, give advice), and would have (used to imagine a result, or show willingness).

Take a look at the practice on these modal verbs we did together ANSWERS Could Should Would Have Practice.

Next we talked about the third conditional, which can be kind of tricky, but not for you guys! The third conditional has an “if clause” and a “result clause”. The third conditional is used for things that didn’t happen in the past and their imaginary results. It is formed by using –  if + past perfect, …. would + have + past participle. 

Here’s the practice we did on the third conditional ANSWERS Third Conditional Practice.

Next, we put this into use by creating our own crazy stories. We split up into small groups and each group had a “starter” story line and then had to imagine, explore, and come up with their own story. Here are the pictures and text that we looked at to help with our creativity in storytelling Five Crazy Stories .

Your stories were all amazing, innovative and fun! Also you all made  terrific use of the third conditional and past modals, BRAVO!!

(this little girl and her camel agree – BRAVO!)




Words of the day

sweltering (adjective) : very hot                                                                                             It’s going to be a sweltering summer this year. Oh no!

make light of (idiom) : to treat (something, such as a problem) in a joking way : to not be serious about (something important)                                                                      She worries so much about that promotion, she needs to make light of her job. She is already so successful.   

made for each other (idiom) : {informal} perfectly suited to each other                           I always knew Sally and Tom were made for each other, just look at their happy marriage of 20 years.

Thanks for being patient today as we move to our new location!

Remember to relax and practice!