The Selfie Revolution

Hi Everyone,

What a perfect summer day! Today we started out with a review of present perfect simple and present perfect continuous – these can be sort of tricky. 


Using these in sentences : I have visited Boston and San Francisco. ( have visited is present perfect simple). I have been studying English for 2 years. ( have been studying is the present perfect continuous). We use present perfect simple to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. We use present perfect continuous to show that something started in the past and has continued up to now and could continue in the future. Here is the practice we did in class ANSWERS Worksheet Present Perfect.

Next we began our conversation about today’s topic – Selfies! We talked about where and when and why we take selfies. We discussed behavior and cultural practices and selfies. Who takes more of them , men or women? Who takes more of them, young or older people? What’s the deal with all the craze about selfies? Are we just a bunch of selfish individuals who would rather take our pictures and share them with everyone??? We read this short news article that talked about the history of selfies and some of the cultural shifts and the idea of “visual language” of selfies. Click here to read the article “The Selfie Revolution”. Lastly, we took a look at this video “Selfies – A Visual Analysis” which is a view of selfies as self portraits, which date back in history. The film also offers some interesting ideas about the social and cultural phenomenons and behaviors of selfies. Take a look at the film here-  

 So are we just a bunch of narcissistic, spoiled, selfish photographers? We agreed that selfies are a part of our social behaviors, and whether we like it or not, the visual language of selfies is powerful and spreading all over our lives. 

Words of the day

surf (verb) : 1. to ride the waves in the ocean using a special board (called a surfboard) : 2. to look for information or other interesting things on the Internet         Some of the best places to surf are at the beaches of California.

blistering (adjective) : very hot : very harsh                                                                          Sometimes in  July, the blistering sun makes it uncomfortable to be at the beach or pool,  especially if there is no shade.

in the lap of luxury (idiom) : in a situation of great ease, comfort, and wealth                  Prince George is being brought up in the lap of luxury – lucky boy! 

Remember to Relax and Practice!