What Do You Want To Hear First,Good News Or Bad News?

Hi Everyone,

This morning we talked about giving good and bad news, and some common responses to good and bad news. When we comment on personal good and bad news we use short phrases and words, and sometimes, our body language and facial expressions, like a smile, a frown, or a hug are enough. First we did this quick practice by sorting the expressions and then by making up some responses to good news and bad news statements, take a quick look at the answers here.

To help you out with more of these responses to good news and bad news here is a list of 6 Common Responses To Good News and another list of 6 Common Responses To Bad News with some explanations and examples. Next we got into pairs and shared some good and bad news we experienced recently. One partner told his/her news to the other and listened for the response and emotion. Great job everyone on being creative and using good descriptions!

Then we moved onto world news – what are the different types of news categories; how do we get news about the world; how often; and what sources do we use to get news.

We almost all agreed that sometimes the news is too much, and it can be biased, and sometimes not relevant. We also noticed that we don’t remember a lot of news that we hear, maybe because there is just too much of it, all the time. So, just for fun, we tried to remember some personal news from 5 years ago and some world news events. It was a little easier to come up with the personal news, but a little harder with the world news. We watched this short video about 2009 news events and as we watched we looked for the news categories.

After watching the video we discussed Kirk Citron’s final line “In the long run, some news stories are more important than others.” (like water discovered on the moon???)

Words of the day

brownie points (noun) : {informal} praise, credit or approval that a person gets from someone (such as a boss or a teacher) for doing something good or helpful      The student got some brownie points  for helping hand out books to the other students today in class.

knapsack (noun) : a backpack                                                                                                 Did you see his new knapsack? It is red with blue stripes.    

cookout (noun) : a meal or party where food is cooked and served outdoors                Let’s have a cookout at the beach tomorrow, it’s going to be warm and sunny. A perfect day to have hot dogs and hamburgers by the ocean!

                                             Great job! Remember to relax and practice!