Things That Go Right or Go Wrong!


Hi Everyone,

Today we started with a conversation about things in our lives that go right or go wrong (sometimes both right and wrong)! So first we talked about this morning and some things that went right were – sunny day; good ride on the bus; woke up early; and ate a good breakfast. Some things that went wrong were – felt tired; not enough sleep; was late; no time to eat breakfast. So then we split up into groups and practiced some vocabulary used in the following categories and decided if things were going right or wrong. Here’s the worksheet we used today Going Right or Wrong Vocabulary Sheet . This is a great exercise to practice some quick basic conversations.

Today’s topic was Symbols, Signs, and Logos – how we use them and what affect they have on our lifestyles and consumer choices. Take a look at this image below and see if you can find the signs, symbols, and logos – these all give us information about something or someone and are present in all our lives.

We took a quick look around the class and found that many of us are wearing logos on our clothes, watches, glasses and pocketbooks and bags. We are also carrying phones and tablets with logos on them. So, what’s with all these logos??? First off, we know that certain logos represent product quality, and also that certain logos represent status and prestige to the buyer. But, are we just buying in to what advertisers tell us in their logos? Next we watched this video about designing logos, which helped us understand what goes into making logos.

 Many companies spend millions of dollars designing logos, which can make them successful or not. We took a look at these 2 television commercials and paused before we saw who the advertiser was. We discussed how the ads made us feel and how companies can very effectively, or not ,market their products.

After watching, we talked about the messages in each of these ads and how good or bad the ads were. We talked about hidden messages and images that are used in advertisements and logos – for example, in the FedEx logo do you see the hidden arrow between the E and x ?

 There are lots of logos with hidden images, as you look at logos, see if you can find any hidden images – it’s fun!



Words of the day:

spiff up (phrasal verb) : {informal} to make someone or something neater or more attractive                                                                                                                                    Once Diana got her first full time job after college, she decided it was time to spiff up  her wardrobe.

chuck out (phrasal verb) : {informal} to throw something out : to get rid of something                                                                                                                                  After Diana got that new wardrobe, she chucked out all her old jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts.

eavesdrop (verb) : to listen secretly to what other people are saying                              Some great places to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations are on a buses, trains, and subways.

Don’t forget to check out the Blue Moon tomorrow night (which is not blue, but, is the second full moon we have this month – which is a rare thing!)

Relax and practice!