Confusing Contractions


Hi Everyone,

How ya doin? What’re you gonna do this afternoon? I’m gonna see a movie. How ’bout you?

This is just a quick way that English is spoken in casual and fast conversations. Why use a lot of words when just a few will do – whatcha gonna do?   Today we started out with some common basic contractions using pronouns and verbs – take a look at this table below for some examples: Next we took a look at some informal (or slang) contractions – these are usually used in fast and casual conversations, and sometimes may be used in an email or tweet.  This table below shows some informal contractions you may hear in conversation – they sound wrong at first, but you’ll get used to them!Take another look at this contraction review and practice we did together in class  click here. Ok, we’re gonna move on.

Today’s topic was about giving advice to a younger person and hopefully, using some contractions (don’t, it’s, shouldn’t, etc.) to express your advice. Some of the advice you offered was to be patient, be kind, don’t give up, try and try again, enjoy your family, work hard, study English, don’t be afraid, be confident, and lots of other good advice. We watched this video “50 People , 1 Question : San Diego” where people were asked what advice they would give to their younger self. As you watch it try to listen for contractions and also, compare what advice the people in the video offer as compared to what we discussed in class. 

We heard a lot of similarities in the advice given in the video and what we talked about. And you also identified contractions used by the people in the video. Thanks everybody for your ideas, insight, and advice on this topic.

Words of the day

misty-eyed (adjective) : having tears in your eyes                                                                She gets misty-eyed when she talks about her late husband.

parched (adjective) : very dry especially because of hot weather and no rain : {somewhat informal} very thirsty                                                                                            I’m parched from all this talking, could I have some water?

bookish (adjective) : more interested in reading books and studying than doing more physical activities (such as sports)                                                                               I know you’re studying for final exams, but, cmon, stop being so bookish and let’s go to the gym! 

 remember to relax and practice!