How Kind You Are!

Hi Everyone,

Today, April 15, is One Boston Day – when we take time to give back to our communities with special remembrances for the victims and families and friends affected by the Marathon Bombings, which happened 3 years ago. 

We began class today with a review of the 4 types of sentences used in English. 

We used some different examples to practice the use of these 4 different types of sentences. Then we took a further look at exclamatory sentences using what and how.

Exclamations using “what” follow 3 different structures:

The first structure is What + a/an + (adjective) + singular / countable noun                    For example-  What a beautiful girl!

The second structure is What + a/an + (adjective) + noun + subject + verb                    For example – What a beautiful smile you have!

The third structure is What + adjective + plural/ uncountable noun                                  For example – What lovely flowers!

Exclamations with “how” follow this structure How + adjective/adverb + subject + verb                                                                                                                                            For example – How smart she is!

“What” is considered less formal than “how”, so you will hear “what” used a lot more in conversation.

For practice using exclamations with “what” and “how” we listened to two conversations and then rewrote some sentences. First, click to listen to Annie and Her Grandpa Conversation and then scroll down to see the sentence practice. And then do the same thing again to practice rewriting sentences from “what” to “how” in the Bill and Jill Conversation.

Since today is One Boston Day we watched this video that describes what the day is all about and what it means 

Then we talked about acts of kindness we could do right in our own neighborhoods, schools, and homes. We talked about giving and receiving kindness – how do we feel about it. Do we need to receive kindness in order to give it?? Lastly, we watched this video about Hannah Brencher, who battled her own depression by writing letters to strangers that needed hope and love, and in her giving kindness, she received kindness. 

For more information about what is going on in Boston today check out  One Boston Day

Words of the day

scrunch (verb) : to make your body lower or shorter by bending your legs                    She was scrunched down in her chair at the dinner table.

shoehorn (verb) : to force something or someone into a small space, a short period of time, etc.                                                                                                                                 He was so anxious to finish college that he shoehorned a year’s worth of classes into a single semester.

on the fritz (noun) {informal} : not working properly                                                              My phone is on the fritz, so I can’t call any of my friends until I get it fixed!

Remember to relax and practice!

Library is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Monday is the 120th Boston Marathon – let’s get out and show some kindness and cheer on the runners!!!