Soaring Up Into The Sky

Hi Everyone,

This morning we started off with the basic question “How did you get to class this morning?” The common answers were by train, by bus, and on foot. We discussed  other possible means of transportation. We also looked at using prepositions at, on, and in for travel by air, by land, by sea, by rail, and on foot. We also practiced using some travel verbsdrive, take, and fly. Check out our quick practice, just click  here.

Ok, now, since most of us do not own cars we rely on public transportation to get around the city. Occasionally, we take taxis and so we did this listening exercise about a conversation between a cab driver and passenger . taxiClick on this link and you can listen to the conversation called Taxi Ride . This comes from the website  ESL Cyber Listening Lab, just click on the blue title here and you will find lots of great conversations in English on different topics. (the web site has lots of advertisements, but, the content of these conversations is worth it!)

Next we focused on flying, and, in particular a story about a girl named Mara, who builds and tries to fly model airplanes. She is very hard working and determined to get her model planes soaring in the sky, until one day when a small blue case falls from the sky onto her table. And a small pilot crashes his plane and needs some help.We paused the movie and made some guesses as to what was in the little blue case, and then talked about what we would want to be in the case. The guesses ranged from a parachute to wings to instructions to $10 million!!!! Great ideas!!!!! Here is the film “Soar” that we watched, pay special attention to what’s in the blue case.

 After watching, we talked about the themes of the film and what  the star and the sky and soaring meant to us. We discussed the messages of team work, kindness, and reaching for the stars. 

Words of the day

cloud (noun) : a white or gray mass in the sky that is made of many very small drops of water : a feeling or belief that a person or organization has done something wrong (e.g. a cloud of suspicion) : {informal} on cloud nine : very happy                           The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky.

terra firma (noun) : dry and solid ground as compared to air or water                                 We were happy to get back on terra firma   after our bumpy flight home from Paris.

treasure trove (noun) : a collection of valuable things (such as gold and silver coins or jewels) found in a place where it was hidden, buried, etc.                                     Years after the Titanic sunk, divers tried to find treasure troves of jewelry and other valuable items that were lost in the wreckage.

Remember to relax and practice (and you will soar to new heights)!