Too BIG To Understand

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Today is April 1st or April Fools’ Day, when we all get the chance to prank someone or play a trick on someone – it’s all just for fun!  

Today we talked about containers, materials, uses and quantities. Using pictures of different types of containers – bottle, cup,bowl, jar, glass, tube, roll, can, carton, box, basket, bucket, package, envelope, pack, and more, we discussed what materials they can be made of and what these containers can be used for. We also talked about specific quantities of things like, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, etc.

Then we talked about quantities and numbers in our own daily lives – how many hours do you sleep in a day? how many hours do you work in a day? how many steps do you take a day? how many calories do you consume in a day? how many beats does your heart make in a day?  We got some interesting responses to these questions. So, data (facts, numbers, and statistics) are all around us in our daily lives. We use data to make personal decisions like buying a car or a house, and deciding to pay tuition for college. In the last few years data has been changed by technology, making it easier to store and analyze. So today our topic was – Too BIG To Understand. We watched this video about a photographer, Chris Jordan, who uses his photographs to illustrate social issues, like, environmental issues, addiction, and our justice system and human rights. Take a look at the video here: 

Chris Jordan uses his photography to translate social problems into a visual images that people can , hopefully, understand and relate to. His big question is “How do we change as a culture and how do we take responsibility as individuals?”  It is a very complex question, thanks for all your insight and great ideas on this topic!

Words of the day

prank (noun) : a trick that is done to someone usually as a joke                                        Today is the perfect day to play pranks on your friends!     

foolish (adjective) : having or showing a lack of good sense or judgment : stupid, silly                                                                                                                                              Today is the perfect day to play some foolish pranks on your friends!    

mug (noun) : a large drinking cup with a handle : {slang} the face or mouth of a person                                                                                                                                         I usually need to drink a large mug of coffee in the morning to wake up.   

                   Remember to relax and practice! (and don’t be fooled today !!!!)