Hi Everyone,

Today we started with a review of prepositions, which can be confusing and frustrating! Prepositions are words that connect words to show location, time or some other relationship between the words. For example, I live in Boston. I live at 121 Dartmouth Street, and have lived there for 4 years.   Here’s a list of common prepositions :

     We did a quick practice of prepositions which you can review, just click here . Today we focused on adjective + preposition combinations that are used in English. There are no rules about when to use which combination. But, as you read and listen to English, you will become more familiar with how these adjective + proposition combinations are used. We looked at theses 8 prepositionsabout, at, by, for, of, on, to, with and some adjectives they are combined with – here’s a quick list of some adjective + preposition combinations :

Remember that there are no rules here but just try to recognize them and use them. Here’s the practice on some of these combinations we did together in class Adjectives and Prepositions Practice.   

Today’s topic was – Cityscapes.  Cityscapes are pictures that show parts or all of a city, and can be an artistic representation of a city.  We looked at several cityscapes, and then these four below:


          Sydney                                                             New York City


          London                                                                 Rio de Janeiro       

We identified the landmarks – buildings, towers, bridges, rivers, and other famous sights – for each city and discussed what we knew about each city, if we have ever visited the city or would like to visit the city.  Each of these drawings was done by   the artist Stephen Wiltshire, seen in this photo below.                                       Stephen is famous for his drawings of cities around the world. He has visited many cities, and his artwork is seen all over.

We watched this video of Stephen preparing to draw the New York City skyline. He was able to view the city from a helicopter and make some sketches and then he drew the entire skyline. The finished work was displayed in the International Terminal at New York’s Kennedy Airport.Take a look at this video which shows Stephen drawing the New York City skyline.

In this video we learned that Stephen did not talk until he was 5 years old and was diagnosed with autism. He uses drawing as his language.  He is a very passionate, talented and unique artist. We watched this brief video of what Stephen’s daily life is like and learned a little about his personality. 


Stephen has a personal philosophy – “Do the best you can and never stop”.

Words of the day

suds (noun) : bubbles that form on top of water that contains soap                                  Once I added soap to the running water in the bathtub, it was full of suds.    

meditate (verb) : to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation                                                                                                                                    My yoga practice is a combination of stretching, breathing, and meditating.     

do-it-yourself (adjective) : of or relating to work that you do yourself instead of hiring someone to do it {always used before a noun}                                                             Before I start a do-it-yourself (diy) project at home, like painting or wall papering, I always head to Home Depot to get everything I need. 

           Remember to relax and practice!