Two Magical Cities

Hi Everyone,

We started off today’s class with a review of words and expressions used to talk about similarities and differences between things. This morning we used fruit – apples, oranges, lemons, pears and tomatoes – to describe taste, color, health benefits, and size. When we compare an apple to an apple there are a lot of similarities, but,  when we compare an apple to an orange there are a lot of differences.  Take another look at the practice we did in class and review some words and expressions used to compare and contrast things  Comparing and Contrasting Practice with Answers.

Today’s topic was Two Magical Cities. We began by imagining that ,as a group, we are going to take a trip to either Paris or New York City.  We need to get some information and decide which city we are going to visit. We split up into groups and did some research on the two cities using the online free encyclopedia, Wikipedia .

Each group researched information about the culture, weather, tourist sights, cost, lifestyle and other things of each city and then we watched this video of Paris / New York to get another perspective on the two cities.

 So,then, we all discussed the similarities and differences between Paris and New York City and took a vote on where to go and we are going to ……….PARIS!!   Words of the day

arduous (adjective) : very difficult                                                                                         She thought that all the work and studying at Harvard University was arduous, but really worth it all in the end. She’s got a great job working at a research firm in Boston.

relieved (adjective) : feeling relaxed and happy because something difficult or unpleasant has been stopped, avoided or made easier: feeling relief                            I was relieved to hear that your surgery went well and you are feeling better.  

applicant (noun) : someone who formally asks for something (such as a job or admission to college) : someone who applies for something                                           Google interviews lots of applicants for jobs at their headquarters in California. I hear it’s a fun and creative place to work.  

Remember to relax and practice!