You Are Amazing!!

Hi Everyone,

Today we started out with a review of adjectives and how and why we use them in conversation. Adjectives are words that describe the quality of something. Some adjectives in English are gradable – which means that we can have different degrees or levels of that quality. For example , The weather can be a little cold / rather cold / very cold / extremely cold. Some adjectives, called extreme adjectives, are non-gradable and these adjectives mean “very + adjective”. For example, “very + cold” is freezing, which is an extreme adjective. Here are some more examples of adjectives(in blue) and extreme adjectives (in red)

We did some practice work today and used to help us look up some synonyms for adjectives and then chose the extreme adjectives. One rule with extreme adjectives and adverbs – there are a few adverbs we can use to give additional emphasis to extreme adjectives – absolutely, completely, and utterly. Two other commonly used adverbs(with both standard and extreme adjectives)  are pretty and really.  So, this is a lot of information, but take another look at the two practice sheets we did in class (just click on the titles here)  Extreme Adjective Practice and Adverbs with Extreme Adjective Practice.

Ok, today’s topic was “You are amazing!!!” We watched this short video “Obvious to you. Amazing to others. ” The narrator in the video uses a lot of extreme adjectives and has an interesting message. First we settled on a definition of obvious (adjective) : easy to see or notice : easy for the mind to understand Take another look at the video and listen carefully to what is being said.

We discussed the message of the film, and here is a link to the transcript which you may want to read as you watch the film Obvious To You Transcript . The narrator uses extreme adjectives to describe people’s individual creativity and we should all be proud of ours and share it with others.

Words of the day

snack (noun) : a small amount of food eaten between meals                                            We all enjoy snacks every day and try to make them healthy foods like fruit, nuts, and cereal bars, but, sometimes a candy bar is just the perfect snack!

broke (adjective) : not having any money                                                                             I’m still looking for a job, so, right now I am broke.  Can you lend me $20?

flaw (noun) : a small imperfection or defect : a small fault or weakness                           My husband has a few flaws , like talking too much and laughing too loud, but, I love him anyway!

Remember to relax and practice!