Hi Everyone,

Our topic for conversation yesterday was describing landscapes, using present simple and present continuous verb tenses. So, we started with a review and practice of these present tenses – when do we use them, what do they mean, and some exceptions. Here is a basic review of use and meaning:

Usually, present continuous is used with action verbs, like run, write, learn, speak and not state verbs like want, like, love, hate, know. Some verbs can be action or state verbs, with a change in meaning – for example, I think you need to take some time off work. (think here is a state verb and means, I believe, in my opinion). In this example – What are you thinking about? (think here is an action verb meaning “use your brain”) Take a look here at the practice worksheets we did in class.

Now onto yesterday’s topic of taking pictures, but, specifically landscapes. We  discussed what landscapes are – a picture or photo that shows a natural scene on land or countryside. We all looked at several different landscapes and then using present simple and present continuous we describe the scenes and then put ourselves into the landscape and described what we are doing.

You all did a fantastic job using present tenses!!! You also used great adjectives and very imaginative stories of your life in the landscape!!!

We also looked at this very short film about two people taking pictures outdoors. Take another look here 

Have a great weekend and bundle up!

Remember to relax and practice!!