Lost And Found

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                      We began our first class of 2016 with a review of the pronunciation, meaning and use of the words loose and lose.     Loose is an adjective that is used for something that is not tied or fastened in place; not attached to anything. Example – One of these shoes has loose laces.       Lose is a verb used when we stop having (no longer have) something, or we gradually have less of a particular attitude, quality, ability, etc. Example – The man has lost his way and does not know which way to go.

Some expressions with loose are:                                                                                        cut loose = relax, get a little wild                                                                                          break loose = escape, run away                                                                                        let loose = allow emotions to escape                                                                                  be at loose ends = having nothing to do 

Some expressions with lose are:                                                                                         lose track of / lose touch with friends = stop knowing the location or well being of friends                                                                                                                                  have nothing to lose = have no risk, no chance of losing                                              lose face = stop receiving respect                                                                                      lose sight of = stop reasoning clearly                                                                                  lose sleep = not sleep well, insomnia                                                                                  lose it (slang) = become crazy or confused             

Click here to see the practice using loose and lose, we did together in class.

Friday’s topic was Lost and Found We began our conversation by talking about things we have lost, where we lost them, how we lost them and if we were able to find them. Most of us have lost keys, phones, wallets, books and important papers. Most of us have lost family members, and some of us have lost our hearts and even our minds, at times! We discussed the meanings of loss and how to use them. We have also found lost property and objects and depending on the object sometimes we make an attempt to return the item or turn it into a lost and found office, if there is one . We watched this short video called Lost Property 

After watching we talked about the different items the woman was looking for and then discussed what the messages of the video were. The video is more than just about lost and found objects, but about lost love, lost lives, and lost memories. It is also about hope, perseverance and devotion.    

Words of the day

kale (noun) : a type of cabbage/lettuce that has wrinkled leaves                             Many people now enjoy kale in their salads at lunch. It has become very popular with health conscious people.    

cubicle (noun) : a work space in an office, with a desk that is surrounded by low walls                                                                                                                                           Several of us work in cubicles at our jobs, and some cubicles have adjustable desks so you can work sitting or standing.     

  miscellaneous (adjective): including many things of different kinds                     The lost and found desk at the library has all kinds on miscellaneous items like phones, umbrellas, wallets, hats, gloves, and tote bags!   

Remember to Relax and Practice! (and try not to lose it!!)                   






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