What Are You Wearing?

Hi Everyone,


Today we talked about clothes (noun) : things that people wear. The word (1) clothes is used with adjectives – for example – beautiful clothes, fine clothes, cheap clothes, inexpensive clothes, designer clothes, fashionable clothes, casual clothes, every day clothes, winter clothes, summer clothes, and baby clothes.  (2) Clothes is used with verbsput on clothes, take off/remove clothes, change clothes, make/design/sew clothes, launder/wash/dry/iron/fold clothes, pack/unpack clothes, pick out/select/choose clothes, and buy/sell/borrow clothes. (3) Clothes is used with nouns – a clothes store, clothes designer, clothes dryer/washer/ hamper/basket, and clothes hanger. (4) Clothes is used with prepositions – (dressed) in formal/business/casual clothes. 

Next we did this exercise describing items of clothing. Take another look at what we did in class here. We also looked at some slides of people in various outfits and described the clothes and where the people may be going. For some more practice, we focused on shoes – types of shoes; materials used to make shoes; what shoes are worn for certain activities and occasions. Then we watched this short video called Her Shoes 

After watching the video we described some of the shoes, and where and when they might be worn. Nice job on describing clothes, and when to wear what clothes!!

Words of the day

wiggle room (noun) : {informal} the ability to make small changes in a plan or schedule, if they are needed                                                                                                     We should allow for some wiggle room on our trip to China, since we have some connecting flights.

leftovers (noun) : food that has not been finished from a meal                                     After dinner at the restaurant, I asked the waiter if he could pack up my leftovers,  so I could have them for lunch the next day.

cheerful (adjective) : feeling or showing happiness                                                           He seems so much more cheerful today, and I hope he has a nice weekend.


This will be our last class of 2015! And so, I’d like to thank all of you for the hard work, contributions, thoughts, ideas, and fun you bring to each and every class!! I hope you all have enjoyed our time together as much as I have. It is such a pleasure to spend time with such a bright, eager, and enthusiastic group of students!! Thank you all very, very much!

As always, Relax and Practice!

***I will see you all back in class on January 8, 2016***