Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Hi Everyone,

Today we struggled through the use, form and meaning of like and as. I say struggled because many native English speakers mix up the use of these two words all the time! Like is a preposition, meaning “similar to” / the same as”. It is used to connect noun with noun, or noun phrase with noun phrase.  For example : Mary plays the piano like her father.

As is a conjunction, meaning “in the form of” / “function of”. It is used to connect clauses or subject/verb idea with subject/verb idea. For example: She treats me as I want to be treated. (2 clauses with subject and verb are connected with “as”). As can also be used with a noun – example: He works as a bartender. (describes his job/position).  

Don’t be discouraged, this is tricky and when in doubt, just use like!  Click here to review the practice we did in class together.

Today’s topic is based on a book and short video called “Word As Image”. Graphic artist and author, Ji Lee designed this creative book which contains words that are formed into images, using just the letters in the word. For example look at these words below which Ji created into images –

He uses the shapes of the words to make an image that reflects the meaning of the words themselves. Then we watched this short video that shows 39 words as images. Enjoy watching it again! 

After watching the film, we used some of the words to fill in a short story and then we picked individual words, explained what changes were made to create the image, and used the word in a sentence. Nice work everyone!!

Words of the day:

chaos (noun) : complete confusion and disorder                                  

shock (verb) : to surprise and usually upset (someone)

gruesome (adjective) : causing horror or disgust

I was shocked when I read about the gruesome attack on Paris and all the chaos in the city last Friday.

Remember to relax and practice!

 **No class next Friday, November 27th, see you all on December 4th.**